6 Biggest Hassles for Airbnb Hosts

April 15, 2015

So you’ve decided to become an Airbnb host – great! It’s a fantastic way to meet amazing people from all over the world, to share the secrets of your city with newcomers, and make some money all at the same time.Managing Airbnb isn’t without its difficulties, though. From scrubbing dirty sheets to juggling meet and greets, hassle is part and parcel of being a host. Here are some of the biggest hosting management issues you’ll face.1. Damages & repairsDamage and repair problems are often expensive, time consuming and can, if not handled well, fuel bad blood between you and your guests. From minor hitches like broken lightbulbs and faulty wifi, all the way to floods and fires, it’s your responsibility to be on hand to resolve these issues. Damages and repairs are usually time sensitive and require an immediate response, disrupting your day, and costing you money.


2. Key exchangeWhen travelers arrive exhausted and stressed from their travels, they don’t want the hassle of a complicated key retrieval processes. Alternatively, simply leaving a key under the doormat poses a serious security risk, both to you and your guest. Hence, key exchanges can prove the biggest headache for Airbnb hosts and result in a time-consuming, uncoordinated meet and greet…3. Meet & greetLate arrivals are an inevitability when people are travelling long distances to a new city. Transport delays, navigational problems, and language barriers can mean wasting hours of your time waiting for guests. Frustrating and inefficient, this issue will likely become disruptive to your work and social commitments. Equally, you’ll struggle to reconcile a bad first impression if you yourself are late to greet your guests. Worse yet, if you are hosting multiple properties, meeting every guest in person might not only be a logistical nightmare, but a physical impossibility.4. Screening & securityIt’s important to feel comfortable with your guests, so being selective with your choice is key to an enjoyable stay for both parties. By finding responsible and trustworthy people, and avoiding trouble makers, you’ll immediately minimize hassle at the first hurdle. Security is one of the most critical issues when it comes to Airbnb management, so taking time to screen guests is a must.5. 24/7 supportWould you be happy receiving a call from a lost tourist in the middle of a meeting at work? Or worse yet, getting woken up at 3am because your guests can’t navigate their way home from the bar? During reservations, you need to be available to help remedy any issues that may arise, and be responsive to your guests around the clock.6. Cleaning & laundryMaintaining a clean home for your guests is imperative: you must go above and beyond. They will notice if your bathroom isn’t spotless, if the sheets don’t smell freshly laundered and if food has been left to rot in your cupboards. As much as they might get along with you and enjoy their stay, a failure to provide a high standard of cleanliness will most likely reflect negatively in their reviews and damage your reputation as an Airbnb host.


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