7 better ways to spend your time than on Airbnb

November 13, 2019
50 hours per month

From cleaning and communicating to check-in and laundry: it takes around 50 hours a month to manage a successful Airbnb on your own. Definitely less of a side-hustle, more side-hassle. What could you be doing with that time instead?

1. Reading more books. Loads more books.

How many of the above are on your reading list? Shame you don't have enough time to get through them. Like me, your twenty pages before bed pledge lasted about three days.

But your average reader can get through 200 words per minute. So free 50 hours for yourself and you could get through 600,000 words! That's a whole lot of classic novels crossed off. Maybe factor in a tea break or two though.

2. Learning to speak a language fluently

It takes around 250 - 300 hours to become conversationally fluent in a foreign language.

So you'll be able to decipher the washing-machine instructions in your Spanish Airbnb within 6 months! ¡Excelente!

3. Walking the West Highland Way

It's 96 miles from Milngavie to Fort William, following the route across the spectacular loch-shores, moorlands and mountains of the Scottish Highlands.

Take your 50 hours and it's a comfortable 1.9 miles an hour. There's probably no internet either - so no checking your Airbnb messages!

4. Sleeping more

“The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night's sleep” says sleep scientist Matthew Walker. If you're getting less than eight hours a night then you could be risking - among other things - Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and poor mental health.

Sounds like a good reason to stop managing an Airbnb and start hitting snooze.

5. Studying part-time for a degree

The Open University reckons it takes 16 hours of study a week to gain a degree part-time. So you've just about got time to learn history, business, art - do whatever you've always really wanted to do.

Unless you always wanted to change guest sheets three times a week. In which case, crack on.

6. Training for a marathon

"Short-walk to the city centre"

The ultimate human endurance challenge. Stop running guest errands and start running marathons!

According to Runners World, you need to dedicate 40 hours a month if training for a 'serious' marathon run. That gives you time to spare then - attempt at the Kipchoge record incoming...

7. Spending it with family

Ah, you can never have too much time with your family. Said everyone, always.

So always spend your time with the people most important to you. Life's too short for late check-ins - leave the guests to us.

There's hundreds of ways to spend 50 hours a month better than running an Airbnb. Luckily, we're here to help. Houst will take care of every aspect of management, from cleaning and check-in to communication and more.

Let us open up your world. Check our nifty calendar to see if we can help.

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