The Houst Guide to Travelling for Work

June 22, 2018

Who doesn’t love to travel? Whether it’s sunbathing on the beaches of Bali or skiing in the Swiss Alps, everyone has their own ideal holiday destination. But when you travel for work, the realities can sometimes leave you feeling like you need another trip away.

When you think of the stereotypical business traveller, you can be forgiven if you imagine a crumpled suit, bleary eyes and luggage that looks just about big enough for an iPad. But the savviest travellers know how to hop from country to country without losing sleep, looking fresh-faced and ready for their next meeting.

As we’re in 22 cities globally we know a thing or two about travelling for work. So we asked some of our more frequent flyers to give us their advice on how to make travelling for work hassle-free.

1. ‘Do your researchNick Hodgson - Regional Cities Director

“For me, the biggest thing before I fly out is making sure I know at least a little bit about where I’m going. Local customs, learning what people find rude or not is vital, so you should always do your research. If you don’t speak the language, learn some key phrases to help you get around. It just isn’t enough to know how to get from the airport to the office to your hotel and back again.”

 2. ‘Travel checklistLauren Scott-Smith - Designer

“I spend ages packing, even if I’m only going there for a few days. I never bring more than just a carry-on and I hate feeling unprepared, so I try and plan out exactly the things I’ll need and pack according to roughly when I need them. That way I’m not doing things like digging around in the bottom of my bag for my passport. I did that a few years ago and it’s basically become my travel checklist ever since. ”

3. ‘Use your smartphone Arjun Bains - Performance Marketing Manager

“My phone becomes my lifeline when I’m travelling for work, so I’d advise anyone to really use your smartphone when abroad. I download every app I’m going to need while I’m there, Citymapper, Tripadvisor and of course Airbnb. I also make sure I have data or buy a roaming pack, on the off chance I’m somewhere that doesn’t have good wifi.”

4.  ‘Get loyalty pointsMonica Wejman - Toronto City Manager

“I always sign up for airline loyalty points whenever I get the chance. You can find some really good deals if you’re a regular flyer and it can be kind of fun seeing them go up. I try to make sure I get loyalty points when I can. Definitely look out though, some airlines charge an annual fee so always best to check first.”

5. Short-let your home while away

Wherever you’re travelling, it’s always good not to let your property sit idle while you’re away. Bills and mortgage payments won’t stop while you’re abroad so listing your property with Houst can help you cover the costs, hassle-free. Our host management service means you can earn money from your home while you travel for work, while still having the flexibility to come back when you need to. We’ll create your listing, arrange cleaning & laundry and even handle guest communication for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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