How London Made it onto The Podium of ‘Most Popular Airbnb Cities’.

April 20, 2016
October 5, 2022

Since launching in 2008, Airbnb has grown to 60 million users worldwide. With 640,000 hosts spread throughout 34,000 cities in 190 countries around the world, the sharing economy is well and truly booming.

So how exactly has London managed to sneak into the podium places? With only Paris and New York ahead, London is officially the third most popular “airbnb city” in the world. Leaving Rio, Barcelona and Los Angeles in its wake, we take a look at just how London has propelled itself to where it is in the rankings.

Surely we have to start with our good old British culture. Everyone loves the Brits, we love to moan, complain and queue for no reason! Who wouldn’t love us?

But seriously, the United Kingdom and especially London has a wealth of history and culture. Everywhere you look in London you are surrounded by it. From the modern architecture in the City of London to the tudor properties such as Sutton House in Hackney, London is saturated with history. We are also a heavily cultured bunch and on any given day in London you can experience operas, ballets, a West End musical, Shakespeare at The Globe, a new modern at The National, the list is endless. There really is something for everyone in London!Next, it must be us, the people, and of course our accent! Everyone loves the good old British accent, in fact apparently it is an aphrodisiac to certain nationalities around the globe! Londoners can be an extremely friendly bunch when we want to! From Black cabbies who will give you directions to anywhere, and I mean anywhere in the city, to locals in the suburbs we are a really friendly, helpful bunch of people. It may look like no-one talks to each other and we walk around like isolated zombies, but this is how you behave on the underground until otherwise approached. It’s the commuter culture and if you need anything just ask, when approached we’re sure to help!

London landmarks and “British icons” are also a must. Any tourist I’ve ever met visiting London has always said they must get a photo of a black cab, a red bus and of course the good old British telephone box! (although these are now getting rarer and rarer). These are quickly followed by landmarks including Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square. We have so much to see and landmarks and points of interest in every corner of the City that it is often hard to fit it all in to a short city break.

Finally, the food, how can we forget the food? London has some of the finest restaurants in the world and you could quite easily eat a different cuisine every night of your holiday without ever running low on options. From good old British fish and chips to the finest sushi in Europe there is something to cater to anyone’s culinary needs and desire.

All of these are surely winning reasons as to why London is now officially the third most popular “airbnb city” worldwide, however we at Houst believe the homes people can stay in is also a huge contributing factor. London has a fantastically diverse range of airbnb options available for the global traveller. From the Clock tower at Kings Cross to Regents canal, London has some truly unique options for you to rest your head in at the end of a hard day’s sightseeing. Who would stay in a hotel when you’ve got Airbnb? If your lucky the property will even be managed by Houst!

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