Why Summer is Every Airbnb Host in Lisbon’s Favourite Season

April 30, 2019
October 3, 2022

To kick this off, here’s a pretty impressive statistic that shows the sheer appeal of Lisbon’s summer season for visitors – about 50% of visitors to Lisbon come between June and September.

As with every city that Airbnb operates in (which, by the way, is almost every city on earth), peak tourist seasons mean a surge in demand for accommodation, and that means hosts are able to charge higher nightly rates than usual.

It’s important that Lisbon property owners looking to make the most of short-rental demand over summer are well prepared.

New hosts will want to make sure they’re up and running a few months beforehand, so they have time to get a few good reviews on their listing before peak season commences.

But what will really help all hosts in Lisbon get the most value from the summer months, whether they’re new or established, is knowing those key peaks which bring in tourists and drive up nightly rates.

The Houst Lisbon team has put their heads together to share the big events this summer that will drive Airbnb demand – here they are:

Festas de Lisboa: June 1st-30th

Throughout June, Lisbon and much of Portugal gets into a festive mood for the Festas de Lisboa, which attracts tens of thousands of tourists to the capital.  

The festival is a proper bonanza of cultural treats – one of those rare but wonderful festivals that’s fully embraced by locals and tourists alike.  

Taking place through the city’s sunny streets, but especially in the historic districts in the centre, the festival has religious origins but has now evolved to take on a cultural significance all of its own. It celebrates and highlights a range of Lisbon’s proudest achievements in literature, science, sport, cinema, cuisine and much more.

The cultural crescendo reaches its peak during a parade through Lisbon’s famous Avenida de Liberdade over the 12th and 13th of June. During this, different areas of the city show off their local talents with dancers, musicians and artists competing to earn a crown for their bairro.

Lisbon foodie treats – especially those famous sardines – and the free-flowing red wine complete what has to be one of the most memorable nights of the year for those who’ve travelled to be there.

As a resident in Lisbon, however, you’d be forgiven for craving a little peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city during this time, at least once in a while… If you are planning on escaping the city in June, letting your home out on a short-term basis for this month provides visiting tourists with a unique opportunity to live like real lisboetas – plus, the phenomenal demand surge means Lisbon hosts earn an average of 60% more during June than in other months.

NOS Alive ‘19: July 11th-13th

Taking place on the gorgeous Oeiras Coast to the West of Lisbon,  the 60,000+ people attending this year’s NOS Alive Festival will get the chance to see big name acts including Bon Iver, The Cure, and Vampire Weekend.

The festival also features a range of local and Portuguese-language acts, which revellers can enjoy while lapping up the Portuguese summer sun. There’s little wonder the festival regularly features in top 10 lists of European music festivals.

With the picturesque scenery of the Oeiras Coast just a 10-minute train ride from the delights of central Lisbon, NOS Alive is good news for Airbnb hosts in Lisbon too. They can expect the demand for accommodation in Lisbon to double over the festival weekend.

Super Bock Super Rock ‘19: 18th-20th of July

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Super Bock Super Rock has grown into one of Portugal's biggest and most-loved festivals.  

Although it started out in 1994 as a rock music festival, these days Super Bock Super Rock embraces a wide range of musical genres from local acts to, this year, the likes of Migos, Lana Del Ray and Disclosure.

The festival has relocated multiple times – this year it’s an hour’s bus ride South of Lisbon near Meco Beach. This makes Super Bock Super Rock ideal for tourists to plan a pre- or post-festival cultural stop in Lisbon, or for those less keen on camping to book accommodation in the capital as a calm retreat from the excitement of the festival.  As a result, Lisbon hosts can expect another double demand surge for short-stay accommodation over the festival weekend, with a lesser (but still substantial) increase in demand in the days leading up to and immediately after the festival. 

Airbnb demand in Lisbon:
3 summer peaks

  • Festas de Lisboa
    Why: As a result of the month-long festivities, Lisbon hosts can earn 60% more on average during June.
  • NOS Alive
    When: 11-13 July.
    This sun-soaked festival in Oeiras is expected to attract over 60,000 attendees, doubling demand for Airbnb accommodation over the weekend. 
  • Super Bock Super Rock
    18-20 July.
    Why: 2019's the 25th anniversary of the rock festival. Just a short train ride from Lisbon, it's ideal for tourists to visit the capital. Airbnb demand will increase before and after the festival, doubling on the weekend itself.

So it’s clear that there’s plenty of accommodation demand in Lisbon over the summer to make hosting in the city seem tempting. But we know it can seem a hassle – especially if you’re new to the short-stay renting world.

We’re here to help. With Houst, we’ll manage your rental property for you – taking away all the hassle with 24hr guest support, rental and laundry of hotel quality linen, managing guest check-ins, and reliable communication with hosts to keep them up to date with bookings and earnings.

We really recommend that those considering becoming hosts for the first time this summer get their properties listed on Airbnb as soon as possible, to make sure they’re prepared in advance. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

The first step is to use the pricing calculator on our website to find out how much you could potentially be earning – you might be surprised!

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