10 Purchases Every Airbnb Host Should Make

May 19, 2015

The pressure to be well-stocked and ultra-prepared before welcoming your first Airbnb guests can be overwhelming. So much so that essential items can go forgotten in a flurry of oversight and panic. To help out, we’ve put together our definitive list of small purchases that will make a big difference to your guests’ stay.

1. Travel adapter

Even the most prepared traveller can forget essential items, and it’s great if you’re already prepared to help. If they’ve forgotten a travel adapter, be on hand to solve the crisis.

2. Toiletries

Whether their shampoo was taken at flight security or they’ve run out of toothpaste during their stay, it’s great to have your toiletries fully stocked in case of emergency.

3. Fresh Towels

Freshly laundered towels will ensure your guests feel comfortable and at home. White is the best option here because you can bleach them if they get stained, and try to find good quality 100% cotton – your guests will feel the difference.


4. Fresh sheets

Again, great cottons are the secret to a snug stay. It doesn’t really matter what colour or design you choose, just make sure you buy a spare set of bed sheets for your guests, and keep them clean!

5. Guest book

Encouraging your guests to hand-write their reviews is a great way to document your Airbnb experience and to receive constructive feedback as a host.

6. Spare kettle

Buying a second kettle means that you can equip your guests with their own tea and coffee station, without the need to leave the privacy of their room.

7. Snacks

While certainly not mandatory, offering your guests food will guarantee brownie points. Whether it’s a food basket on arrival or a complimentary breakfast, a little goes a long way when it comes to free food.

8. Local guidebooks and maps

An important part of managing Airbnb is sharing local knowledge and personal recommendations with travellers. By offering them guidebooks and maps, you can also let your guests discover the area for themselves.


9. Water bottles

Long days of sightseeing and day travelling can be thirsty work. To save your guest the expense of buying bottled water, offer them reusable water bottles they can fill in your kitchen sink.

10. English phrasebook

Encourage your guests to speak to other locals by lending them an English phrasebook. It’s a great way to make them feel independent and confident while exploring a foreign city on their own.

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