The Airbnb Checklist: What to remember before listing your property

May 15, 2015

Think you’re ready to start hosting on Airbnb? Think again. There’s a lot to consider when taking the Airbnb plunge, and chances are you’ve forgotten something.But don’t worry, we’ve made a definitive checklist of things to remember before your listing goes live. The majority of Airbnb newcomers overlook at least one of these key necessities, and in doing so fail to make the most of becoming a host. Follow our step-by-step guide and manage Airbnb like a pro.

1. Embrace expensesEveryone wants to make as big a return as possible, as soon as possible, on their Airbnb rentals. But being too cheap doesn’t pay. Initially, you have to accept some additional costs, such as extra linens, cleaning supplies, toiletries and other essentials. Don’t worry, your investment will soon be rewarded.


2. PersonalisePeople choose Airbnb because they want to stay at authentic local homes – they don’t want the bland, clinical experience that they could get at any nearby hotel. Make sure your home reflects your character and tastes, and create a homely environment for your guests. Personal decorations will go down better than generic design, so be creative!

3.Keep it cleanIf there’s one thing that will sabotage your Airbnb dreams, it’s failing to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. One cobweb, carpet stain or dusty surface is enough to destroy your Airbnb credentials and jeopardise the likelihood of future guests. If you don’t have the time, invest in professional cleaners – it’ll be worth it in the long run.

4. Nail the photoshootPositive reviews, appealing pricing, and a prime location will all interest guests, but nothing will draw attention to your listing like stunning images of your property. Airbnb is visual by design, and the most successful hosts capitalise on this by posting great shots of their home.


5. Know your safety netCurrently, hosts in the UK are covered by a £600,000 “host guarantee”. This doesn’t cover everything, however, and Airbnb recommends that all hosts should obtain appropriate home insurance on top of this.6. Make it legalAirbnb says that it is up to all users – both hosts and guests – to ensure their arrangement doesn’t breach any city, state, district, or country laws. For hosts, this generally means that you must clarify that there are no clauses against subletting in your rental agreement. You may also need to get permission from your landlord before listing your property. For more information, check out Airbnb’s extensive terms.If you'd like to unlock the value in your home, try our clever calculator below and see how much your home could earn you!

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