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Airbnb vs. Long-Lets: Three Surprising Benefits of Holiday-Lets for Landlords

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Last updated on
July 10, 2019

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Airbnb is making life easier for Australian landlords by increasing yields, reducing wear and tear, and eliminating lengthy tenant disputes.

Increased Revenues

Here's the problem for Australian landlords in 2019:

  1. The housing market hasn't been this slow since 2007, when Fergie ruled the airwaves and South Africa were rugby champions.
  2. In some cities, there are more homes available than there are tenants willing to live in them.
  3. The weakening economy is forcing many renters away from high-end rentals towards the 'bread-and-butter' housing stock.

Supply is up and demand is down.

The consequence?

Either face long empty periods with no revenue coming in, or drastically drop the rent.

There is another option. Australian Airbnb hosts are reporting an average occupancy of 75 - 85% year round, with summer pushing that figure as high as 95%!

These Airbnb guests are not the stereotypical backpackers or “party-fiends”, but families, business professionals, and frequent travellers sick of paying exorbitant hotel fees.

Property owners looking to sell can incorporate the flexibility of Airbnb (more on this shortly) into their tenancy. For example, they could make every Monday unavailable on Airbnb, allowing agents to show prospective buyers around the property, whilst keeping the rest of the week open for guests to book.

Damage - Peace of Mind

It happens all too frequently with long-lets - a tenant ends their lease and leaves the property, only for you to discover stained carpets and a broken balcony door. It’s then up to you to fight the tenant and the residential authority to claim the deposit, often taking months. Even if you recover the entirety of the deposit it's often not enough. 

But with Airbnb, your property is immediately checked over after every single guest.

In the unlikely event of damage, Airbnb's Resolution Centre is the simple, quick, and easy way to claim compensation.

  1. Submit pictures of your claim.
  2. Airbnb seeks your guest's opinion.
  3. A decision is made by Airbnb

The process is fair and transparent for hosts and guests. Most cases are resolved within one working week, and the maximum claim is $1 million USD.

Bonus Tip: Contrary to popular belief, wear and tear is much reduced with Airbnb. Your guests are generally out all day, and they won't be moving furniture in, out, or about!

cleaner airbnb Houst holiday long lets
Your cleaner can help check your property for damages between guest stays

Flexible Letting - It's Your Home

Letting your property out with a traditional tenancy is as good as surrendering your home for a year.

But life moves quickly these days.

Circumstances changed? Celebrating a gathering this year? In-laws visiting...?

With Airbnb, you can block your calendar to guests at the touch of a button. All guest reservations can also be cancelled - though beware, small penalties can apply.

Move back in. Put your friends and family up in a flat, not your spare room. Take back control of your own home, whenever you need it.

Houst airbnb holiday lets long
With Airbnb, you can make use of your property whenever you please

Like the sound of Airbnb but unsure how to get started? Houst can build your listing, market your flat, and manage your bookings. To find out how much your property could be earning, head to our Pricing Calculator now.