Edinburgh Fringe 2019: Houst's Top Tips

August 15, 2019
October 3, 2022

Edinburgh is a cultural Mecca of a city, with a rich history that champions values of inclusion and freedom of speech, particularly through the arts. With under 500,000 inhabitants, it is a relatively small city, but it punches well above its weight in the artistic world. 

The Fringe Festival is the jewel in Edinburgh’s cultural crown. It’s the biggest and most-loved arts festival on the planet – a month-long thespian takeover of almost the entire city, showcasing everything from music and theatre to comedy, dance, cabaret and art. 

And, as there’s no formal decision process to determine who gets to perform, the diversity of shows (both amazing and terrible) at the Fringe is truly something to behold. That’s all part of the fun! 

The Houst team in Edinburgh have been sampling the best - and worst - of this year’s acts so far. Here are their top tips on what not to miss: 


Agnes recommends Foil, Arms and Hog: The internet sensations return for their tenth sold-out Fringe in a row. The Irish comedy group have been a fixture at the festival for years now, and with good reason. Observational and topical, their comedy is hard to pin to a specific genre. Agnes has seen them three years running! Buy Tickets.

Andrew recommends Weegie Hink Ae That? Presents: Nae Bother: Possibly having searched for the most Scottish show he could find, Andrew’s pick is a sketch-based comedy show riffing left, right and centre on Scottish culture and society. Buy Tickets.

Fringe Party Edinburgh
Revellers on Royal Mile


Helen recommends Abandoman - Road to Coachella: What happens when you combine audience heckles with hip hop, pop, house and more? Abandoman happens. An improvised music show where audience participation is mandatory - it’s an entirely different show each night! Buy Tickets.

Ruta recommends Baby Wants Candy: Not dissimilar is Baby Wants Candy, which each night begins by asking the audience to shout out a new title. A full band, entirely improvised musical then develops over the following 60 minutes, never to be performed again! Buy Tickets.

Variety at Edinburgh Fringe
The Fringe is all about variety!

Spoken Word

Amber recommends James Rowland’s Revelations: Story-telling at its best, and the Fringe at its most thrillingly intimate. Rowland tells Edinburgh the tale of his sperm donation… and then what happened next. The winner of the ThreeWeeksEditors Award 2018. Buy Tickets.

Harry recommends Mythos: Stephen Fry’s one-man show is his first for over 40 years. An exploration of Greek mythology, Fry brings to life the gods, heroes and creatures of the ancient myths. From Hesiod to Narcissus, expect insight and humour in this trilogy of shows. Buy Tickets.

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