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Has Airbnb banned in-person check-ins?

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Last updated on
March 17, 2017

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Well…not quite, but they have made it essential that guests are able to arrive via self check-in in order for a listing to be classed as “Business Travel Ready”.Now, we’re not ones to say “I-told-you-so”, but…at Houst, we’ve been perfecting the art of the self check-in since day one, so we know a thing or two about its benefits.Why are self check-ins so critical?As most hosts can attest, the logistics of getting two people to meet – with all of the delays that can occur along the way – is actually very tricky. Something as simple as a flight delay or a phone on low battery can make for a rather stressful experience for the guest. Business travellers are also usually in town for…well, business. At the end of a transatlantic red-eye flight, they don’t necessarily want a whistle-stop tour of the area. Instead, they just want clear instructions on how to get into the property, and 24/7 support when – and only when – they choose to use it.How important is this for getting bookings?Short answer – very! Business travel is an enormous focus area for Airbnb. Business travel on Airbnb has been increasing organically since Airbnb’s first global roll out, but it now has its very own platform. Quality assurance is incredibly important for business travel bookers, and this move to automate the check-in process is a step towards meeting the needs of companies around the world, whose share of the global travel market is substantial.How will Houst get my listing Business Travel Ready?Getting Business Travel Ready is easy and we can show you how. When we visit your home we will consult on what steps to take so that you can start reaping the rewards of business tourism.If you'd like to unlock the value in your home, try our clever calculator on the right and see how much your home could earn you!