Host Top Tip – Beverage Station

October 10, 2016

A warm drink can solve a lot of problems, whether you’re a weary tourist arriving in an unfamiliar city, or a jetlagged business traveller trying to wake up for a conference. Coffee addicts, tea fiends or hot chocolate lovers can unite in the soul-soothing powers of their favourite drink, and a welcoming beverage station might be all you need to make your Airbnb house feel like home.The example below, from At Home with The Barkers, is a simple DIY job that transformed a closet into a beverage bar. A small touch, the beverage bar keeps the essentials at hand and helps your guests to feel at home more quickly.No time for DIY? Why not get affordable, online interior design help from Homewings?

Source: Instagram (@athomewiththebarkers)

Source: Instagram (@athomewiththebarkers)


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