Host Top Tip – Welcome Booklets

September 27, 2016

One common motivation for a guest to rent an Airbnb is the desire to live like a local. As travellers become savvier and the desire for authentic experience grows, mass tourism loses its desire.Living like a local goes beyond accommodation, and you can complement the local experience with something as simple as a guidebook.Whether you choose to make your own, or use a printing service like this one on Etsy (see featured photo), a simple guidebook could add huge value to your guest’s stay.Want to solve two problems in one? Reserve a section in the guidebook for simple house instructions, such as how to control the heating or run the shower. Pair those with some local hints and tips, and your guest will be delighted to have received some insider info!

Source: Etsy (click image for more info)

Source: Etsy (click image for more info)

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