Host Top Tip – Wifi Signage

September 16, 2016

If there is one thing all modern weary travellers have in common, it is this: they need wifi. Having potentially spent hours on a plane, and landed in a country where a data package may or may not be available, your guest may feel twitchy until they can sit down and reconnect with their friends, family, colleagues or favourite social media stars.Asking for wifi access can be an uncomfortable experience for the guest, and crawling around under a desk to locate the tiny password sticker on the router won’t improve matters. You can make this exchange simple by providing the password in an open space – and you can make it pleasant too!Simply print the username and password onto paper or card, place it in a frame, and leave it in a relevant place (the living room or guest bedroom, perhaps). Your guest will settle in more easily, and crawling around to find the router will no longer be a regular feature of the check-in process!

Source: Today's Creative Life (

Source: Today’s Creative Life (


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