Four easy (and affordable!) tips to improve your Airbnb

July 10, 2019

Hosting a great guest experience at your Airbnb requires more than the bare necessities - although those are important!

It's about creating a comfortable and enjoyable stay for your guests. The best way to achieve this is by supplying the right equipment and spending a little bit of time on the decoration.

Putting in some effort pays off big-time

Increase your revenue
Each potential guest spends - on average - five seconds looking at a listing. Great photos showing off a thoughtfully decorated and inviting space make your home much more likely to get bookings. And it comes as no surprise that more bookings = more revenue!

Higher return on investment
The better the amenities and feel of your property, the higher you can charge for nightly rates. Although equipping an Airbnb does require a little more effort than a long term rental, it really does pay off in the long run. Once you build up those reviews, you can charge a higher nightly rate, as guests feel satisfied they can expect comfort when booking your property. 

Fewer issues
Airbnbs are like interviews - first impressions matter. Get it right, and there will be less issues to follow. The short-term rental market values uniqueness, comfort and ease. Whilst location is key, value can be indefinitely increased by appropriate and conscious decorating.

Houst Airbnb Management Tips
Alexander's Farringdon flat makes great use of little touches


Your property is your business. You need to remain competitive in a saturated market. There are thousands of active Airbnb listings at any given time. Don't forget the other online platforms too, such as and Expedia, or the traditional hotels and B&Bs.

People choose Airbnbs over hotels not just because its easy, but also for the personality and uniqueness of the property. They want to feel at home. If they wanted to stay in a blank space they would have booked a hotel!

Creating a home

There are four main rules to keep in mind when outfitting your property. 

  • Texture
    A shaggy rug or a velvet couch can add texture to an otherwise plain room. You can also add pillows and throws over beds and sofas to create a comfortable and luxurious space.

  • Colour
    Add a deliberate splash of colour. Less is more, but bold is better. A yellow armchair or an orange table can do the trick. A good starting point in an empty space is wall art - a cheap canvas from Ikea or K-Mart will do just fine! Abstract art makes it much easier to tie the room together, and will fit well in any property.
  • Layers
    A rug can really tie a room together. It also works to cover any imperfections if you cannot put in new carpets. Drape a nice throw over the sofa - it will double up as a blanket in winter time.

  • Finishing touches
    The main difference from an average Airbnb and a top performing property are the finishing touches. This doesn’t mean spending lots of money on a bottle of wine for each and every guest! Consider a vibrant plant, a well placed side table, or even just a nice diffuser instead of an unsightly air-freshener.

Let's face it - not everyone has time to sort out decor themselves. If you're running short on time yourself then check out this post about the best interior design companies around.


Of course, decorating isn’t the only way to maximise your earnings. A host management service like Houst doesn’t just take the hassle out of hosting – we also help hosts earn more by optimising pricing and listings, making use of varied letting lengths and multiple booking platforms, and always delivering a personable and professional experience to each and every guest that stays at a property. 

If you’d like to find out more about Houst and what we offer, head over to our main site now and use our price calculator to find out how much you could be earning from your property.

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