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Why Every Airbnb Host Should Use an Interior Design Company

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Last updated on
February 20, 2019

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As global leaders in rental property management, at Houst we like to think we know a thing or two about what matters when it comes to getting the most value out of a rental property. But time and again, we see listings that could be performing fantastically fall short of their potential, and the property owner can’t work out why.

Often, we’ll suggest they use an interior design business like Homewings in the UK to give one or more rooms in their rental property a makeover – and the results are transformative! Suddenly, the property has that ‘wow factor’ that was lacking: the property listing looks more unique and inviting than ever, and the bookings start rolling in thick and fast.

This is because when it comes to having a flair for interior design, we are not all created equal.

You may think you’ve been gifted with an eye for matching colours, or you ‘just know’ where a painting is going to hang when you first see it. And sure, perhaps you really do have an innate understanding of furniture arranging to rival the most masterful practitioners of feng shui…  

But the chances are you don’t (even if you think you do).

Here are three reasons why, if you’re planning to become a host on Airbnb, it’s worth getting professionals to help bring your property to life, and make it really stand out from the minute guests see your listing on Airbnb, to the minute they leave your property after their stay.

1. Good interior design works for everyone (not just you).

Over time, most of us get some sense of what like and dislike when it comes to interior design. But when it comes to preparing a property for hosting guests via a platform like Airbnb, your own taste isn’t only less important: it might actually get in the way of creating an environment in your rental property that guests will love.

After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and when it comes to getting the very best guests reviews, the greatest design is the one that is liked by all guests, regardless of individual taste.

2. You’ll save money and time vs. doing it yourself.

OK, bear with us on this.

Let’s say you need a new bed for a room in your rental property. Maybe you already have an idea of what kind of bed, but what next? The chances are you’re not exactly a bed specialist – if you’re anything like most people, you’re probably not quite sure how much a bed should even cost.

This is where a remote interior design platform can really stand out. By pairing clients with remote designers, they're able to charge unbeatably affordable rates for quality interior design services. What’s more, you can choose a budget you’d like them to work to and they’ll do the rest, right down to individual furnishing recommendations. They can be a one-stop-shop for your property makeover – and you’ll hardly have to lift a finger.

The result? Not only is this the hassle-free dream that most hosts crave when it comes to managing their property, but it also adds that je ne sais quoi to a property that helps it stand out from the crowd. That means more bookings, and potentially even the chance to increase the nightly rate a host can charge.

3. Interior design is worth the investment.

As with any investment, you’ve got to spend some to earn some.

If you live in your Airbnb property on occasion then not only will your guests love the do-over, but you’re going to get a load of personal benefit from bringing some interior design magic to your property.

On the flipside, if you’re a full-time landlord then you’ll want to be able to charge as much as possible for your place (so long as you don’t end up losing bookings!). So it’s worth spending a little more on really great furnishings and design, in order to reap the rewards – not to mention great guest reviews and a fast-track ticket to superhost status – over time.

Of course, interior design isn’t the only way for an Airbnb host to maximise earnings from their rental property. A host management service like Houst doesn’t just take the hassle out of hosting a rental property – we also help hosts to earn more than ever by optimising pricing and listings, making use of various length lets and multiple booking platforms, and always delivering a personable and professional experience to each and every guest that stays at a property.
If you’d like to find out more about Houst and what we can offer hosts, head over to our main site now to use our price calculator to find out how much you could be earning from your property.