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Airsorted Rebrands as Houst

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Last updated on
January 30, 2020

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Airsorted has evolved. Say hello to Houst. New identity, same trusted hosting partner.

On the 20th of January, we announced to our hosts in a blog post that we have a new name and a new look. We’re excited to share with you these brand updates and why we made them.

Standing for more

We partnered with our first host five years ago this month. The business, our service, indeed the whole world of hosting has come a very long way since then. With reflection, it was increasingly clear that the business had transcended its origins - and its identity.

For starters, our name, colours and logo reflected Airbnb. That was certainly useful initially, but there’s so much more on offer now. Other booking platforms have caught up fast -, Expedia, and HomeAway together represent nearly a third of our reservations. In some cities, our in-house lettings team now advertise for longer-term tenants too.

But more importantly, we recognised that ‘Houst’ wasn’t reflecting the people we exist for. Our own hosts weren’t afraid to try something new and bold, leveraging their homes to finance a whole range of interests. And guests rent homes, not hotel rooms, because they want to stay in unique, interesting places: more personality, not less.

But as for us?

We looked and sounded like someone else. Our own voice and personality wasn’t able to shine through.

So with that in mind, six months ago we decided to start defining ourselves on our own terms. Our new identity Houst is bold, liberated, ambitious and full of character.

Just like our hosts, and just like the homes they let.

Take a look around our new website. We hope you like it.

What's changed and what hasn't

Both our service and the way hosts and guests interact with it isn’t changing, although there’s a fresh new design on the host dashboard! Don’t worry - it’s just as easy to use. Your calendar, earnings, cleans and all the rest are still exactly where you’d expect to find them. You can contact us as normal, although we’ll introduce ourselves as Houst!

In the longer-term, our new brand will bring with it some significant changes to the way we do things here. We’ll be working even closer with our hosts, to find out exactly what they need and want from their host partner. This re-framing of our relationship into a close partnership, where both parties understand what is required for success, will help us build the necessary tools for great, modern hosting and - ultimately - increase our host’s earnings.

Last but not least, over time, you’ll probably notice we sound different too. We’ll communicate like humans, speaking with simplicity and transparency. Cheers to that.

We'd love to know what you think of our new look! Send us an email on

For further information on the branding design, see Ragged Edge's website.