Scare-bnb! Five Spooky Halloween Homes on Airbnb

October 28, 2019

Did you feel like your last Airbnb was missing something? Fresh towels, salt and pepper... a little paranormal activity? Well, worry not. There's a whole range of haunted Halloween hosting options out there to satisfy your needs. We've selected five of the creepiest, and you'll be pleased to hear they're all available to book now!

1. The Sealed Bedroom

Over 100 years ago, in a dark windswept manor on the Scottish coast, little Jack always complained of noises in the night. Sent back to bed, he was found dead one morning. Then the hauntings truly started. Terrified, his parents filled the room with religious symbols, and sealed the bedroom - they never set foot in it again.

Jack's bedroom has now been painstakingly recreated in an ex-council house in Essex, England. Whilst that's not a common horror setting, the chamber looks genuinely terrifying and visitors have sworn to unexplained noises and smells. According to one recent review, should you make it through the night, the breakfast is excellent too. Good to know.

2. The House of Trembling Madness

York is England's most haunted city, and this is surely York's most haunted Airbnb. Set in the shadow of York Minster (haunted, naturally), the house itself is over 650 years old, and is built on top of Norman foundations dating back to 1150 AD.

So there's been plenty of time for ghosts to make their home here. The history of the property is unclear, however there's been several sightings of ghostly figures down the years. Some have even reported a headless woman floating around - though that could have been a guest returning from the neighbouring pub.

3. The Gettysburg Field Hospital

The Battle of Gettysburg took place during the American civil war, and resulted in around 50,000 casualties - the most costly battle in US history. In the aftermath of the battle, the Union Army used surrounding farms, barns and churches as makeshift hospitals for the wounded.

David Stewart Farmhouse was one such hospital and many soldiers lost their lives within its walls. The owner, Stephani, says she's had many encounters with ghosts over the years. Happily - despite their sad history - they've all been very friendly. Apparently.

4. The Q Station

The North Head Quarantine station, Sydney, was the final resting place for over 500 of its forced residents. From the 1830s through to 1984 new arrivals in Australia who were suspected of harbouring infectious diseases were confined here.

The station is supposedly Australia's most haunted spot. In fact, every single building on the site houses ghosts - visitors have spotted nurses, doctors and patients walking the wards. If all this sounds like your cup of tea, then feel free to check-in to the site's hotel. Hopefully they'll let you check-out, too...

Note: So this one isn't actually available on Airbnb, but its on so we think it qualifies! anyone...? Anyone?

5. The Ghost Town Shack

If you're not content with just one ghost, how about a whole ghost town? The railroad had made Cisco, in Utah, a bustling and wealthy frontier town. But after the construction of the nearby Freeway the town declined - it now sits ruined and deserted.

If you fancy isolation (and a stunning night sky) then two separate shacks are available to rent. You won't be entirely alone though - Charles Steen, a local businessman, still haunts Cisco. Steen grew rich on nearby uranium deposits, but lost his entire fortune just a few years later. Maybe he just wants some company...

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