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Interning at Houst: Luke O'Neill (Client Success)

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Last updated on
October 2, 2019

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English and Economics graduate Luke joined us this summer for a three month, fully-paid internship. Now that he's back in Ireland studying again, we think it's high time to catch up with him about his London experience.

Could you describe your internship in three words?

  1. Challenging.
  2. Exciting.
  3. Rewarding.


What interested you about working at Houst in the first place?

I finished my degree in May, and was eager to gain some practical business experience before beginning my master's in Dublin. I've always been interested in start-ups - and someday hope to start my own - so working at a rising start-up like Houst was a great opportunity. I also think the field Houst operates in is very interesting. The world of Airbnb home-sharing is a new-one, so we were the first ones to encounter some of the challenges we faced!


What skills did you develop here?

I worked on the Client Success Team which involved directly liaising with hosts and resolving any issues. This tested and improved my communication and relationship-building skills. 

I was asked to contribute on solutions for wider operational issues too, so I left feeling more confident in my organisation, critical-analysis, and problem solving skills.


London vs. Dublin

Camden Hells or Guinness?  If I suggested anything other than Guinness I could lose my citizenship. 
A full English or full Irish? Has to be the full-Irish. 
Thames or Liffey? Until I get to do a boat party on the Liffey, I'll vote Thames!
Hampstead Heath or Phoenix Park? I never made it to the Heath! But it's on my list for next time.
London office or Dublin office? Couldn't possibly choose.


What was challenging, surprising or enjoyable about your internship?

  • It was quite trying at first, just as starting any new job is. There's a very steep learning curve and they want employees to deliver right from the start. The benefit is that they immediately give you genuine responsibility, and I feel as though I was playing my part in helping the business. I certainly wasn't there to make cups of tea!

  • I was surprised and impressed by Houst’s eagerness to hear employees’ ideas. If anyone has suggestions (even interns), they want to hear that feedback. If I expressed an interest in a certain area, or felt as though improvements could be made, managers were always willing to see if they were implementable. I am very fortunate to have been given that chance.

  • Besides the summer boat party on the Thames, I think the most enjoyable aspect of the job was being around genuine, smart, friendly people.


What did you get up to in London?

Although my internship was quite busy I did manage to make the most of my time in London. I visited the Houses of Parliament, British Museum, the Sky Garden, and even reached as far as Stonehenge. 

[caption id="attachment_1342" align="aligncenter" width="577"]

London office awarded top 100

Our brand new London office, based in Farringdon. We were voted one of the top 100 companies to escape to 2019![/caption]


What's next for you?

I'm now studying for a master's in International Business Management at Trinity College Dublin. I feel that Houst was perfect preparation for it and I can apply the knowledge gained there to my course.

I am also working part-time at Houst’s Dublin office. I left Houst London on a Tuesday and was offered a job in the Dublin office the following week. If you show you want to work hard and learn they will absolutely reward you for that. 

Beyond my master's I hope to enter a career in consultancy or get involved in the startup scene once again. 

Houst are hiring! We're looking for bright, ambitious candidates with a pro-active nature and a willingness to learn. Sounds like you? Find out more.