Top Tech Devices to Superpower Your Airbnb Home in 2019

January 18, 2019

Nothing deters a potential Airbnb client more than an unsecured property. Luckily, in this day and age of modern technology, there’s no end of ways to make sure your property is safe for those renting it, and without compromising their privacy.

And aside from the more obvious security uses, you can also use smart technology to make your guest’s stay more comfortable. If you’re thinking of improving your Airbnb home, here are some of the top tech devices you can invest in this year:

Smart locks

Not only do smart locks make your guests feel protected, but these handy smart devices also protect you and your property. Gizmodo notes that one of the most common difficulties of renting out properties is handing over the keys to the guests, especially if they turn up late.

With smart locks like the August Smart Lock Pro, you can generate a code for your guests, share this with them once they’ve paid, and activate your property’s doors through an app. The code will open the smart locks until the end of your guests’ stay, when it will then expire. Airbnb has recently partnered with August to make sure more homes are equipped with this system. So you no longer need to worry about guests forgetting or losing their keys in the middle of the night.

Smart security cameras

Another worthy investment for your Airbnb property is a series of smart security cameras. They’re a great selling point, especially if your space is located somewhere where there’s a lot of foot traffic, as it can really reassure your guests. The key to effectively using security cameras to your advantage is placing them strategically outside of your home. Screwfix’s smart home gadget list explains how cameras can now be linked to smartphones, making it easier for you to monitor what’s going on around your property. Plus, you’ll also be able to check if the tenant has arrived and left at the correct times.

However, The Ambient reports that cameras indoors might turn off potential customers. A better approach is to use outdoor cameras that only start recording when they detect motion – what’s key is that your guests are protected without feeling like their privacy is being invaded.

Smart lights

For your guests, smart lighting is a great way to set the mood or improve the ambience of your property, as it gives them more options depending on what they need. What’s more, when your rental property is vacant you can set a schedule for smart lights using your phone, so that they create the appearance of someone being home and thus help to deter potential intruders. The Independent highly recommends the Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience Starter Kit, which you can get for £149 or the LIFX Multicolour A60 Smart Bulb, which costs just £60. These extra touches are the kind of small details that turn a good Airbnb into a great one.

Smart doorbells

This is a great tool to monitor who and how many people are coming into your property. If you have strict rules about bringing in extra guests and pets, you can check this using video doorbells like SkyBell or the August Doorbell Cam.

Your property’s video doorbell is also a great backup in case your guests forget or lose their door code. Since you can access it through your phone, your guests can simply press the doorbell and have a conversation with you through the two-way audio, before you unlock the door for them. Guests can also use the video doorbell to find out who’s at the door before opening it. But as with smart security cameras, it’s important to let your guests know you have a smart video doorbell before they arrive.

There are plenty more smart devices that can turn your Airbnb home into a five-star worthy property – not to mention help make you an Airbnb Superhost! As we’ve mentioned before, Superhosts get benefits like an increase in average earnings, as well as a 20% bonus on host referrals. So you needn’t worry too much about the cost of investing in smart tech – it’s likely to pay off through increased guest bookings in the long run.

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