Meet the travelling Consultant: Vicent Rico

May 23, 2019
October 3, 2022

With offices now in 26 cities around the world, we love hearing when hosts hear about Houst before launching in a new city! This week, we introduce you to Vicent Rico, the travelling consultant, who heard about Houst last year when he spotted our advertisement on the London underground, whilst communicating into work. The timing was perfect as this coincided with our expansion to Spain and as a result, Vicent was one of the first hosts to join our awesome hosts in Madrid!

‘When I moved back to Spain three years ago, I knew somehow that my future was going to be in Madrid, so I decided to stop wasting money on renting and buy a property instead’.

As a first time buyer and international businessman, Vicent is now letting his one-bedroom apartment in Madrid’s popular Malasaña area whilst he travels for work as an IT consultant around Europe, Latin America and the Middle East!

‘I like that people can enjoy my property while I’m away. I didn’t want my apartment to sit empty when away on business trips so I thought, why not offer it up to guests.’

Vicent had heard about companies handling property management for short-term lets and looked into what they could help with when he saw the   London. As an avid Airbnb user as a guest, Vicent was confident with how everything worked on the platform, however, he knew there was no way he could manage hosting himself while away.

‘When I’m away I have access to my Houst ‘dashboard’, which is really intuitive. Here I can still see my calendar and bookings, and I’m kept up to date with everything that’s going on.’

Although Vicent loves to travel with his job, he’s always happy when he returns home and gets to spend time in Madrid which is a very special city for him. ‘Even though it’s one of the largest cities in Europe, Madrid has not lost the essence and traditions that its neighbourhoods and bars have. I love coming back to this.’

With the money Vicent makes through hosting, he pays his mortgage and reinvests in the property by upgrading the flat bit by bit. This is his first property and still the place he calls home, so he wants to optimise it and continuously make improvements.

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