Meet the City Escapers - Paul and Amy

November 3, 2016

Every Houst host comes to us with a different story – some long to travel, and others seek a major life change.This Featured Host Story comes from Paul, a freelancer who sought a life away from the hustle and bustle of London. With experience renting one spare room on Airbnb, Paul knew he would need some assistance renting the entire property – and that’s where Houst came in.What’s your story?“My wife and I decided to rent our property through Airbnb as we wanted to get out of London and see what living in a new city would be like. We had been letting out our spare room in the property through Airbnb and liked the ease and flexibility it offered.”What dream did you follow?“We both work freelance in creative industries so, while London is a great place to be, we both wanted to spend time in a city that has an artistic sensibility but less of a hectic lifestyle. So we decided to move to Bristol and work within and from that city.”Why did you choose Houst?“Houst seemed like the best option for us as it afforded the most flexibility and least amount of hassle. We were less inclined to take on longer term tenants through an estate agency because we knew there would be occasions whereby we needed the flat back for visits back to London. From a financial viewpoint we also realised that renting through Airbnb would be beneficial.”What do you enjoy about the service?“With Houst we can relax as we know the team there will take control of all dealings with guests and Airbnb. All linen and cleaning is taken care of so we need not worry about change overs. Bar a few initial teething problems communication with myself and the team is always excellent. Any concerns or complaints I may have are dealt with immediately”

Paul and Amy's terrace with a view

Tell us more about your property! What is its best feature?

“I think the best feature of the property would have to be the terrace. It’s incredibly big for somewhere in London yet feels private and homely. The design throughout the property is also very stylishly done, my wife being a designer helps. From a practical point the flat gets a lot of natural light and as a result the apartment stays surprisingly warm throughout the winter.”

What about the area? “Deptford is a great area of London. It has a lovely combination of cultures from around the world offering many types of cuisine. Over the last few years more ‘Hipsters’ have arrived and as a result better bars and coffee shops have sprung up, nevertheless the area still feels really well balanced and harmonised. It’s an exciting time to be there. The transport options are terrific too, the overground and DLR are very useful for getting into central London.”If you'd like to unlock the value in your home, try our clever calculator to the right and see how much your home could earn you!

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