The multilingual lawyer and Airbnb host from Madrid: Meet Diana

February 17, 2019
October 3, 2022

We’re all travel enthusiasts at Houst, so the opportunity to travel for work sounds like the perfect combination of labour and leisure … and in most cases it is.

However, talking to hosts who travel frequently with their job, you come to realise that the experience isn’t always without its hassles. You’re living in a hotel or Airbnb and missing the comforts of your home that’s sitting idle. Sitting idle whilst you’re still having to pay your mortgage and bills… not ideal. That’s where Houst comes in.

Meet Diana, an International Lawyer from Madrid who speaks 4 languages - Chinese, Spanish, French and English. Diana spends half of the year in China - Hong Kong working as a lawyer with European customers.

Diana was not new to hosting when she signed up with Houst. With an existing listing and many positive reviews, Diana was one step ahead of most host’s who join us. However, as she started to travel more as a lawyer, the task of managing her home remotely was proving to be a challenge.

Diana had a few reservations before joining. Having managed meet and greet check in’s in the past, Diana was unsure about the safety of her keys being left in a lockbox when she joined Houst. However, her concerns were all answered in the initial sales call and she now loves this method and has seen how effective it is, pointing out how it ‘saves a great deal of time and guests seem to love the flexibility of checking in whenever they want’.

Diana advised ‘it’s odd that everything is still running, just like before, but only now I don’t have to do anything’. She’s particularly grateful for her account manager, Ignacio aka Nacho who is her main point of contact. Nacho’s personal approach to managing her home gives Diana comfort whilst she’s in Hong Kong.

So what’s next? Diana is already thinking of buying her next property in Madrid as she believes that the real estate sector is a smart way of investing in Spain. With the money she makes from hosting, she puts this aside every month for her future property projects.

View Diana's Airbnb listing here.

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