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5 Reasons to Airbnb this Autumn

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Last updated on
October 13, 2016
March 20, 2023

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Christmas time, Spring and Summer are the high seasons for Airbnb, right? Right, but other months are strong for different reasons.We’ve put together 5 strong reasons to Airbnb in Autumn below:

  1. Rise of the ‘Bizcation’ – set to impact Airbnb this Autumn:Taking a ‘Bizcation’ is the practice of extending your business trip over the weekend so that you can make the most of the destination. London already receives high volumes of Airbnb business traffic, particularly in Autumn, so this new concept of extending the trips will certainly increase occupancy rates.
  2. Time to ‘warm up’ a new listing:Christmas time is considered high-season for Airbnb. In order for a listing to rise up the search rankings, it’s important that it already has comments and reviews. October and November are the perfect months to warm up your listing because you’re not wasting ‘high season’ nights.
  3. Less competition:Fewer people go away in Autumn than Summer – this means that there are fewer Airbnb properties available, so yours will appear in more searches.
  4. Sun is not a factor:Nobody visits the UK or Ireland for the sunshine, meaning that seasonality is less dramatic than in other parts of Europe. ‘City break’ locations have events year-round that attract visitors to the city. Edinburgh thrives in August, but it has a lively schedule of events that draw Airbnb traffic – even after Fringe. Dublin also has a stacked calendar events for Airbnb visitors.
  5. Stale housing market:The market can be infamously stale at this time of year. It takes just one week to get set up with Airbnb and Houst, so why not use the service to make money from your vacant property?

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