Houst Launches in Brighton & Hove!

May 16, 2018
October 3, 2022

We’re so excited to finally arrive in one of the UK’s most iconic seaside towns.

With over 11 million visitors a year and 15% of those staying overnight, it’s no surprise that Brighton & Hove has been chosen as the next UK launch city after London, Dublin and Edinburgh.

But it’s not just the pier and pebble beach that get people down to the coast, it’s the culture and arts scene which seeps through all the regency style buildings, pubs, clubs and art galleries which litter the city centre and beyond.

Not content with the huge amount of London day trippers, Brighton attracts global tourists all throughout the year for a super diverse range of events, including  the Brighton Fringe Festival which runs throughout May, the Brighton Digital Festival in October and UK’s largest Pride event in August, which alone brings in 400,000 visitors!

Brighton has always been known as a town of free thinkers and radicals, that’s why we think Houst will feel right at home here, with Brighton residents who are already well versed in the sharing economy and ready to take full advantage of our amazing service.

Over the last 10 years the city has also become a leading digital hub, playing host to video game design studios and a plethora of big mobile app developers. We hope that Houst can help the cities coders and developers to keep the homes that they love, while traveling the world as ‘digital nomads’, working on projects by beaches and swimming pools, while thousands of tourists have an unforgettable experience in their homes.

Brighton already has a huge amount of AirBnb and holiday lets covering a range of styles and tastes and over the coming year, we hope to work with hosts from some of the city’s most beautiful homes, becoming an essential part of this amazing town.

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