Meet the Executive Jetsetters: Neil & Mehjabeen

June 15, 2018
October 3, 2022

There are a number of reasons why you might decide to short-let your property. Maybe you’re relocating for work, perhaps your looking for extra income to fund your travels and want to make sure your home is in safe hands while you’re away. Today we introduce you to Bristol based hosts, Neil Patrick and his wife Mehjabeen, who let out their property using Houst earlier this year.

Mehjabeen is a CFO while Neil runs his own ad agency, both jobs which means their plans rarely coincide. “I might be away, she might be,” Neil explains, “we can both be abroad for one month but maybe not at the same time.”

So we asked Neil how he came to list his property on Airbnb. “We’re based in Clifton Wood, a lot of people visit this part of town - it’s near the bridge and near the city centre, so it’s a great location in Bristol. We also recently had a garden extension done. We absolutely love the house but also go away quite a lot, so with the advent of Airbnb, we realised there was a great opportunity. So while our daughter was away for university, we decided to put our property on Airbnb. The timing of it was perfect, and because Houst take care of it all for you, we could move forward with listing our property on Airbnb without worrying. We wouldn’t be on Airbnb without Houst.”

Our hassle-free service is designed to take all the stress out of hosting for you, from creating your listing to vetting your guests, something Neil and Mehjabeen were able to find out first hand. “We were onsite with a week, everything was really smooth. The big thing for us was getting it listed in the first place, a lot of the heavy lifting was done by Houst. Not having to worry about dealing with anything when the guests are here, cleaning, top quality bedding and linen, at a consistent quality too. It’s a more reliable service than what we could provide anyway, it means we can switch off. It gives us peace of mind.”

Some of the biggest worries when short-letting your home for the first time can be whether or not it’s going to be take care of, or whether it’ll be rented at all. “It’s a great house and, combined with what Houst bring to the table, makes it look very professional,” Neil explains, “plus, everytime we list it, it’s rented. We’ve had 100% occupancy. We’re now able to go away more because it covers our weekend trips away.”

Working with Houst has also given Neil and Mehjabeen more freedom. “It gives us the opportunity to take more breaks, and also contributes to the cost of the house. We recently were able to go to Milan because of it. My wife was there for work and so I listed the property and within 24 hours there were 2 requests to book. This meant we could travel together, knowing it was all covered.”

Neil & Mehjabeen’s top Bristol picks:

“Clifton Village is a great spot, with tons of bars and restaurants. It’s got a nice feel, boutique shops and it’s near the bridge so has some great views - would definitely recommend. We’re also close to the harbour, with plenty of watersports if that’s your thing. One of our favourites is the Pumphouse Pub, a converted pump house built for the floating harbour. It specialises in gin, so if you like your gin, it’s a great place to have a drink and sit on the water.”  

Whether you’re a seasoned Super Host or thinking about using Airbnb for the first time, Houst is here to help. If you'd like to unlock the value in your home, try our clever calculator below and see how much your home could earn you! 

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