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Meet the Business Travellers: Hazel & Luke Robertson

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Last updated on
June 8, 2018
March 20, 2023

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Letting out property can be very appealing for a whole range of people – from families looking to make some extra money while they’re on holiday, to people who own a second property and are looking to become essentially a full-time landlord.

We wanted to introduce you to a few of these people to show you how Houst can benefit you, no matter what your lifestyle is like. So, today we’re meeting Hazel and Luke Robertson from Edinburgh, who let out their property using Houst while they’re travelling the world for business.

Hazel is a low carbon energy consultant and her work regularly takes her, and husband Luke (a sustainable finance consultant), away from home. On top of this, they’re both Explorers in Residence for the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, educational positions that require lots of travel to far-flung places across the globe.

Because of their jobs, the couple spend a lot of time away from their Edinburgh home. Rather than leaving it empty for half the year, it made financial sense for them to let the property out whenever they were away on business trips or expeditions.

But organising your property and managing guests can be tricky, especially if you’re busy planning trips or are on the other side of the world. That’s where we come in!

“Houst manages the flat and the booking process,” Hazel explains, “everything from liaising with guests, cleaning and sorting fresh linen, to repairs. It takes away the stress factor and saves time.

“Before we brought Houst on board we managed the Airbnb bookings for the flat ourselves, so we know just how much time is involved in sorting everything out.”

From short trips across the UK, to weeks away in remote locations, using Houst gave Hazel and Luke peace of mind that everything was being looked after while they were travelling.

“We were away for three months in Alaska on expedition and frequently had no phone reception, so it was reassuring to know there was somebody looking after things at the flat,” says Hazel.

Even if an extended stay in the Arctic isn’t on your itinerary, Hazel says Houst works just as well for a weekend away or a short business trip, “Letting out our home fits really well around our working lives – the time-saving element is huge.”

Aside from work, Hazel and Luke have a passion for travelling. ”Part of it is the freedom,” Hazel says, “you’re breaking away from the day-to-day. I love being somewhere new and meeting new people, it’s really refreshing getting different points of view, and it’s a privilege to discover remote and beautiful places. Luke was the first Scot to ski solo and unsupported to the South Pole, so I guess we both have a bit of a thing for wild places!”

As much as they love travelling, the couple also love returning to Edinburgh and enjoying home comforts again. Plus, with Houst, we’ll make sure your property is spick and span for your homecoming. Hazel says: “It’s such a treat coming home to a clean and tidy flat! It’s a really nice feeling knowing that your home has been taken care of.”

If you also own a home in Edinburgh and want to make the most of it when you’re travelling for businesses (or for fun!), get in touch with us to find out more about how Houst can help you earn money from your property.

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