5 Reasons San Diego is a Must Visit City!

October 16, 2018
October 3, 2022

San Diego is known as America’s finest city, and there are countless reasons why this is completely accurate. Here are the Houst San Diego team's top five...

1. The All Year Round Sunshine

San Diego is known for its incredible weather. All. Year. Round. Many locals say the best time to visit is from September to November, as the weather is amazing (as per...) but things are quieter as the schools are back in action. So you can enjoy a laid-back swim in the Pacific Ocean in a wonderful, tranquil environment.

2. The Beaches

San Diego beaches

San Diego’s pristine white beaches stretch for miles – you’ll be spoilt for choice! If you don’t want to travel far out of the city, visit the lively Pacific Beach (or PB, as locals call it), Ocean Beach (OB), Mission Beach, or Coronado Beach. All of these are no more than a short drive away, and they won’t disappoint!

Alternatively, if you drive further up the coast you can discover some hidden gems (but be sure to stop off at La Jolla Shores to check out the sunbathing seals!).

3. The Nightlife

After the sun sets on San Diego the city comes to life in a whole different way… If you love to go out and have a good time after hours, this is the place to be. The popular Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego attracts both tourists and locals alike. Whether you’re after a classy rooftop bar or a more casual pub, this is the place to find it.

San Diego nightlife

If you’re looking for a seamless beach-to-bar experience then Pacific Beach is the place for you. Here, you can stroll off the beach and straight into a beach bar to chill out with some drinks and tacos while you watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. That’s gotta be about as good as life gets.

4. Craft Beer

San Diego craft beer

With over 150 local breweries, San Diego is known as the Craft Beer Capital of America: there are a whole plethora of unique beers to get hoppy with in the city. They’ve even styled one themselves, called the West Coast-style IPA.

Try all the different beers you can handle at an innovative tasting bar, or sit back and nurse your favourite brew discovery at a local craft beer bar. And remember, there’s always a new beer waiting for you around the corner!

5. You can be in a new country in 20 minutes!

Believe it or not, Mexico is only a 20-minute ride from San Diego. If you want more of a taste of Mexico than you can get from the tacos in San Diego’s many Mexican restaurants, take a trip across the border. Once you’ve entered Mexico, the nearest city is Tijuana (only a 30-minute walk!) and it’s a renowned art and design hub.

And if you’re crossing the border, take some time to travel down the coast to the town of Rosarito for some relaxation on the beach. Then go south to experience fresh Lobster in Puerto Nuevo, the ‘Lobster Village’.

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