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When should San Diegans expect the highest Airbnb demand in the city (and when you should host your property)

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Last updated on
February 15, 2019
March 20, 2023

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San Diego has seen a huge surge in popularity as a travel destination in recent years, making it the second most visited city in California. This is great news for the economy and also provides great opportunities for the city’s Airbnb hosts. Spread along the coastline, the diverse neighbourhoods of San Diego have something for everyone, whether it’s the trendier areas of Downtown, the wildlife at the Zoo or the laid-back vibes of Ocean Beach. Let’s not forget, it also boasts a consistently warm climate, making it an attractive destination for visitors all throughout the year.

As an Airbnb host in San Diego, occupancy over the course of the year shouldn’t be a concern, the real questions is: what can you do to ensure you’re getting your share of the $213 million that the Airbnb hosts in San Diego earned last year?

The Houst team might be able to help with the answer…

For San Diego, these periods are, as you would expect, during the summer months, starting in May through early September. In order to get the most value from your property, you need to have an established listing in time for May with at least a few reviews listed to build trust with your guests. It will lend you an advantage over others for the busiest months of the year, which will be particularly important by July, when things really take off (as per the image above).  

To help hosts plan ahead and make the most of the opportunity, we’ve outlined a few key dates that create huge surges in demand and price:

Memorial Day weekend (May 24-27)

The national holiday that signals the start of summer, it is bound to see many people descend on San Diego’s beautiful beaches and trendy bars. Expect to see nightly rates go up by as much as 74%.

4th of July weekend (July 4-7 )

One of the most widely celebrated holidays in all of the States, it unsurprisingly gets many Americans in the mood for a vacation in celebration of their independence. Expect to see nightly go up by as much as 102%.

Pride 2019 (July 12-14)

Visitors from all over the globe come together to celebrate the LGBT community and diversity generally. Expect to see nightly rates go up by as much as 128%.

Comic con (July 18-21)

Over 160,000 Comic enthusiasts line up at the San Diego Convention Center to celebrate their favorite comics in one of the largest festivals of sci-fi/fantasy movies and TV, comic books, artists and cosplayers. Expect to see nightly rates go up by a whopping 200% (on average).

Labor Day weekend (September 2)

Nearly all Americans take this day off to celebrate the hard work put in to achieve its independence 242 years ago, while also marking the nostalgic end of summer and the welcome celebration of the Fall. Expect to see nightly rates go up by as much as 94%.

To really make the most of the times when demand and income potential increase dramatically, it’s important that your listing is well established and benefits from it’s first few reviews. We therefore recommend getting onboard as early as possible to reap the full rewards and maximise your revenue.

If you have any questions about hosting, or would like to outsource the listing and management process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!