The Houst response to COVID 19

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COVID-19 Announcement

At Houst, we wanted to share with you how coronavirus is affecting the homesharing industry, your property, and our response to it.

An update to cancellation policies:

We’re actively monitoring the situation and following the guidance of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We’ll continue to respond based on their advice and will update you with any future developments.

Best wishes and stay safe,


New homes: 800 0320777

Meet Kay, San Diego.

Kay owns and lets a studio flat which, though separate, is attached to her own home.

The space was previously used only by visiting friends and family, but with Houst’s help is now also rented by paying guests year-round.

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Houst does the vetting of prospective guests, confirms the booking, provides the cleaning and laundry service, and then deposits the net earnings in my account.

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Do you enjoy hosting guests?

“Yes, I put work into each booking I get. I add treats and snacks for guests and will give them my personal contact information in case they need anything urgently. I think the personal touch from an owner is important and makes it rewarding for me, but I wouldn’t want to host without the backup and work of Houst.”

Has anything gone wrong?

“Naturally there have been glitches, but nothing major. Having a good manager who works with me and the cleaning crew is essential and Paige is exceptional at her job. That’s the truth - it could not work without that back-up.”

What do you do with the extra cash?

“I’m retired, so the additional income is really useful for living expenses, bills, and travel. I can afford to travel and see my two granddaughters a bit more regularly too! I’ve only been with Houst around six months but I’ve made $6000 so far from a small studio.”

Meet our other hosts.


James, London

“I have more freedom. I don't have to worry about the bills or the mortgage now.”

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Jaz, Auckland

“It's been a wonderful experience. Letting a house that would normally be empty has given us an enormous source of income.”

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David, Dublin

“The dashboard is very convenient - it’s a one-stop shop for all your important information regarding your property.”

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Meet our other hosts.

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