Frequently Asked Questions:

Are my keys safe in the lockbox?

We use two different kinds of lockboxes, depending on whether we’re installing a wall-mounted or railing lockbox. The security of your home is our top priority, so we’ve made sure our lockboxes are secure. 

  1. For wall-mounted lockboxes, we use the Supra C500 Police Accredited KeySafe. Put through a series of demanding tests devised by security experts, this lockbox is as attack resistant as a domestic front door. As the name suggests, it's been officially police approved too!
  1. For railings, we use the MasterLock 5414. Made by one of the most trusted security brands, this lockbox has a solid zinc body and a dual-locking system for additional security. These lockboxes are widely used by Britain’s NHS to access homes requiring social care. 

To be completely safe, your keys are only tagged with a unique homecode and we keep spares locked away in our office too. It’s also good to note that the lockboxes are almost always empty. Either your guests or our cleaners will have the keys - the lockbox is used only on changeover day.

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