Frequently Asked Questions:

If I am on a full-time contract and need to end it early, do I need to pay an early termination fee? If so, how is this calculated?

When signing up to a full-time contract with Houst you receive several financial benefits such as waiving the £150 Onboarding Fee, receiving a significantly reduced management fee and getting the option to pay a reduced annual platform fee upfront. We also schedule the support of a designated Account Manager for the full term of your contract.

If you decide to end your contract before the full term has passed you’ll be liable for any outstanding management fees (this includes those for any future bookings), the cost of cancellation fees and any outstanding platform fees that are due for the remainder of the contract."

There is also a cancellation fee that is calculated at £80 excl VAT/ GST for every month that is left on the contract, plus an additional £50 excl VAT/ GST per extra room after the first. For example, the monthly cost for a two room would be £130.

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