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What about the London 90-Day Airbnb rule?

The 90-day Airbnb rule only applies to Greater London. No other city in the UK currently has such a limit in place. We manage this limit for you - so you don’t need to worry. Once your listing has reached the 90-day limit, you’ll have the option to turn your listing into a medium or long-term rental, marketed across multiple booking platforms to ensure consistent occupancy throughout the year. 

Optimising the letting cycle allows our hosts to earn more money than traditional long-term letting or doing it themselves. You can sit back knowing our team is able to fill void periods, legislation is being followed, and that your account manager is taking advantage of higher rates (up to 300% more) for your holiday lets during the peak seasons.

It's important to be aware and compliant when it comes to the 90-day limit. There is still a lot of opportunity for you to capitalise through diversification of letting types. This fusion of letting types can be tailored to your specific requirements and our team will build, organise and manage a cycle that works best for each individual property. 

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