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Our hosts.

We partner with thousands of hosts in 20 cities and 11 countries.

Each and every one has a different reason for hosting.

James James

Meet James, London

A cinematographer by trade, the idea was to make some spare cash from his Camden flat whilst away shooting.

But hosting was such a success that James added two investment properties to his Houst portfolio. Both in east London, the properties are available to be booked year round with a mix of short-lets and longer, multi-month tenancies. Flexible lettings has increased yields between 20% and 50%.

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The income is really very clear. Expenses, commission, cleaning and VAT - the more clarity the better and that’s what the Houst dashboard provides.

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Are you happy with your earnings?

“One property is doing amazingly well. Previously we had it on a traditional long-let and it earned £2700 a month. It takes time to establish the listing with good reviews, but in two separate months this summer I made over £9000. The other property is doing more modestly, but I’d estimate I’m earning around 20% more.”

What difference has the money made to your life?

“I have more freedom. I don’t have to worry about bills and the mortgage. I can add three more days to my stay in Paris if I want - stay away a bit longer. I can take the extra week and not worry about the mortgage. For me it’s about life and enjoyment and what I can do with that extra money.”

How would you describe the service?

“It’s a partnership. Things do naturally go wrong and I might need help sorting out some maintenance, whether a locksmith or plumber. You have to be practical. They have good staff and you can build relationships which is great. Dealing with the same person is extremely useful as they can start making decisions on your behalf.”

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