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We're helping homeowners make more of their property. Unlock your potential by opening your doors to guests - host more, earn more, do more.

airbnb short let property management houst

Hey! We're Houst - the short-let hosting experts.

We're the property management company using both short and long-term bookings to earn our clients up to 30% more.

From Airbnb to Rightmove, we use tech to support our local teams in managing every element of a booking: pricing, guest communication, cleaning and laundry... plus much more.

Since launching in 2015, we've managed over quarter of a million guest stays and have earned our clients over £111 million in the meantime.

airbnb short let property management houst

So with 7 years experience and over 300,000 bookings later, we've nailed it.

We created a professional hosting service to help homeowners make more of their lives while we make more of their homes.

We've grown from managing just a handful of properties in London - cleaned by our co-founder - to looking after thousands all over the world, backed by professional housekeepers and 24/7 support teams.

We currently operate in eight different countries, with offices in seventeen cities, where our teams of Host, Guest and Housekeeping Support staff work.

Welcome to the better way.

We free people to
make more
of themselves

Hosting opens a world of opportunity.

People have never been more free, and the world never more open. We choose our own paths and make our own chances.

In this era of opportunity, your home can be more than just bricks, mortar, and a mortgage. Host, and your home can earn that round-the-world trip, the time to pursue your passion, or the chance to start your own business.

airbnb short let property management houst
airbnb short let property management houst

But it isn't always easy.

Sourcing, managing and dealing with a constant changeover of tenants can be tricky.

Responding to messages at 1am. Finding a good - and reliable - cleaner. Leaving your dinner to deliver spare keys. Without a host partner, you’ll find that hosting guests from around the world on a platform like Airbnb doesn't free you, it ties you down.

That's why we created a professional hosting service.

We'll do the cleaning, the guest communications and run the listings. We'll support maintenance, advise on pricing and help maximise occupancy, too.

We’ve managed 250,000 bookings across five continents, and have been defining great, modern hosting since 2015.

airbnb short let property management houst professionals
airbnb short let property management houst professional

Owners are our partners, and we succeed as a team.

Ensuring the right guests, the right pricing and the right service means we need to work together.

By doing so we can unlock the true value of your home: more time, money and the freedom to be who you want to be, and do what you want to do.

You make more of your life, while we make more of your home.

Learn more about our customers and their stories.

The Homesharing Phenomenon

Renting on platforms like Airbnb has exploded in popularity. In the last decade alone, homesharing has captured 25% of the accommodation market. So why rent?

Increased Earnings

Holiday and short-term rentals often earn far more than traditional rents. Our clever pricing algorithm will find the perfect balance between high occupancy and a rewarding nightly price, maximising your income.

Growing Returns

Successful platform listings are built on good reviews. Would you pay more for somewhere with 100 reviews or just one? The more established your listing becomes, the more you'll earn. Watch your annual returns get higher and higher.

More Flexibility

It's your property, so use it when you need it! Friends visiting for a week? Simply close your calendar to bookings that week. With our cleaning reports you can keep a closer eye on your property too.

Low Maintenance

Short-term guests are careful to take better care of properties than long-term tenants. Regular cleaning means any potential issues are quickly spotted and solved before they're able to worsen. If necessary, we can help organise maintenance at competitive prices.

Peace of Mind

Damage is extremely rare in properties, but you're covered should anything happen. Airbnb insure owners up to $1,000,000 USD, and we take deposits for all other platforms. As an extra precaution, we do a full security check on all our guests, and only ever accept those with existing reviews.

Listing Management

Optimised for maximum returns.
Multi-Platform Listings
Professional Photography
Listing Creation
Price Optimisation

Guest Management

Ensuring a 5-star guest stay.
Guest Vetting
Linen & Toiletries
Guest Communication

Property Management

Taking care of your property.
Cleaning & Housekeeping
Property Maintenance
Property Insurance
Host Dashboard

Increase your rental income:

Houst's advanced algorithms can optimise your rental pricing for maximum profits.
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