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Choose between a flexible and full-time pricing plan.

Our full-time plan is the best value if your property is available all-year-round, whilst our flexible plan is designed for those who sometimes need to use their property.

Landlord or investor? We can offer a discount if you're listing multiple properties.

Landlord or investor?

We can offer a discount if you're listing multiple properties.

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What pricing plans are available for me?

You’ll now be able to choose between a flexible plan or a full-time hosting plan. Our full-time plan is the best option if you rent with us nearly all year round, while our flexible plan is best for those who use our service occasionally but aren’t able to host all year-round.

When you sign up with Houst you will speak with a new homes advisor who will work with you to identify which pricing plan is right for you.

How does Houst charge?

We’ll calculate our booking fee on the gross booking platform earnings. As a host, you will be required to complete a Direct Debit Authority for the processing of all Fees and deduction of all Fees.

Why is there a monthly platform fee and a booking commission?

The management fee reflects the different costs of the service. The small monthly fee covers fixed costs such as:

  • Key security
  • Host support for non-booking related queries
  • Maintenance support

The booking commission covers the cost of managing bookings: guest vetting, organising check-in, 24/7 guest communication, housekeeping operations, and stock management.

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How long until I start earning?

We will get you up and running as quickly as possible. Your listing will normally go live approximately one week from the date of the onboarding meeting. Your property will also be marketed on other platforms including, Homeaway and Expedia - these listings will go live one-two weeks after your Airbnb listing.

It’s very important that you get in touch as soon as you know the first availability date of the property so that we can get you live and start accepting advance bookings.

How much will my property let for?

We will maximise your returns in line with your financial goals. Our team will consult with you at the onboarding meeting to establish what your financial goals are. We will apply a pricing strategy that best matches this. We will plug in our pricing algorithm, which you can adjust at any time using your host dashboard.

If you are on one of our full-time plans you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will manage your property and its pricing strategy on an ongoing basis to ensure your earnings are maximised.

If your property is new to Airbnb and you do not yet have guest reviews, we will list the property at a lower rate for a short period to encourage some early bookings. This is because we know from experience that properties with guest reviews get more bookings and can realise their full value; the initial discount period aims to get your property into that category quickly. You can override the discount using your Dashboard if you want to.

How do I get paid?

Payments in and out of your account are seamless and easily trackable via your host dashboard. Each booking platform has a different payout method.


Exactly when the funds arrive in your account depends on the payout method you’ve selected. The nightly rental and the cleaning fee from the guest will come into your account at the same time. Houst will then collect the cleaning fee 48 hours after the clean in order to pay the laundry provider and housekeeper, and collect the management fee via weekly Direct Debits., HomeAway, Expedia (etc)

Houst will collect funds on your behalf and pay you the total amount excluding fees in monthly payments. Apart from Houst’s management fee proportion, the cleaning fee is still paid by the guest. Houst will collect the cleaning fee from you after the clean as with Airbnb bookings, and you will be reimbursed in your monthly payment.

Are there any other costs to consider?

We’ve built a transparent payment structure so that you can keep track of every spend via your host dashboard.

Cleaning fee:

Guests make payments for this, and you will see the money coming in and out of your account so it’s important to note. We set the cleaning fee according to how many bedrooms you have, and whether additional beds like sofa beds have been used. Since the guests cover this, there is no cost to hosts for cleaning after bookings apart from the share of Houst’s management fee, which accounts for the cost of coordinating the cleaners.


We will restock your home with toiletries and cleaning products, only when supplies run low. We will add the cost of each item to your invoice and you can track this in your Host Dashboard. Hosts can also choose to restock themselves if they prefer.

If I am on a full-time contract and need to end it early, do I need to pay an early termination fee? If so, how is this calculated?

When signing up to a full-time contract with Houst you receive several financial benefits such as waiving the £150 Onboarding Fee, receiving a significantly reduced management fee and getting the option to pay a reduced annual platform fee upfront. We also schedule the support of a designated Account Manager for the full term of your contract.

If you decide to end your contract before the full term has passed you’ll be liable for any outstanding management fees (this includes those for any future bookings), the cost of cancellation fees and any outstanding platform fees that are due for the remainder of the contract."

There is also a cancellation fee that is calculated at £80 excl VAT/ GST for every month that is left on the contract, plus an additional £40 excl VAT/ GST per extra room after the first. For example, the monthly cost for a two room would be £120.

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