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Are you a landlord feeling the pinch of recent tax changes and evolving regulations in the buy-to-let market? It's time to explore a more profitable path – short-term lets.

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Airbnb Management Services by Houst | Short-Term Rental Experts

Why short-term lets are the smart choice.

In today's ever-evolving property market, landlords need a strategy that not only adapts but thrives amidst change. Short-term lets provide you with an arsenal of advantages that are reshaping the way landlords profit from their investments.

income potential

Unlike traditional buy-to-let properties, short-term lets allow you to adapt to changing circumstances and adjust rental rates according to market demand.

Evade long-term
taxation hurdles

Short-term lets provide tax advantages, including the ability to offset a broader range of expenses, leading to more favourable tax outcomes.

Mitigate mortgage
rate risks

Short-term lets provide more control over your rental income, allowing you to absorb fluctuations in interest rates without compromising profitability.

Reduce your
maintenance costs

With shorter rental periods, property wear-and-tear is lower compared to traditional tenancies. This results in lower maintenance costs, preserving your profits.

Higher returns on
empty periods

Unlike long-term rentals, where an empty property means no income, short-term lets can capitalise on high-demand periods like holidays, events, and weekends, maximising your earnings throughout the year.

property value

As short-term lets often command higher nightly rates, you may witness more rapid capital appreciation, further boosting your property's overall value.

Staying profitable in today’s market.

Short-term lets offer a strategic advantage for landlords by providing the flexibility to adapt to market changes swiftly and efficiently. This adaptability ensures your investment remains agile and profitable, even in the face of regulatory and economic challenges.

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From luxurious properties to ones in need of some love, we know how to best price short-let listings, but also what it takes to make them stand out.

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You’re in control.

We’ve built a powerful platform and put your home at the heart of it. See what’s happening, what you’re earning, and your overall rating - feeling in control has never been this simple.
Airbnb Management Services by Houst | Short-Term Rental Experts

Personal property management dashboard

With Houst, you can conveniently view the performance data of all your properties in one centralised location. Say goodbye to the hassle of logging into separate accounts or platforms to monitor each property's performance.

OccuMax pricing algorithm.

OccuMax is our unique strategy of balancing short, and medium-term lets to maximise occupancy all year round. It uses our in-house technology and algorithm to optimise your pricing live each day across multiple booking websites.

Airbnb Management Services by Houst | Short-Term Rental ExpertsAirbnb Management Services by Houst | Short-Term Rental Experts

Guest vetting and screening software

We take the safety and security of our hosts and guests very seriously. That's why every guest booking is subject to a thorough screening process conducted by our team of experts and our state-of-the-art software.

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Prepare for hosting

Once you’re ready to start hosting, we’ll vet your guests and check them in. From hotel-quality linen to 5-star property cleans, we’ll take care of everything to make sure they leave you glowing reviews.

Start earning

Our dashboard lets you see all your income and bookings at a glance, and we'll forward your earnings straight to your nominated bank account as soon as we receive them. It's time to take your property to the next level!

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Discover firsthand how landlords like you have achieved financial freedom and peace of mind through short-term lets with Houst.

Successful Airbnb Management: Satisfied HOUST Customer Shares Testimonial on Houst.com
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Is this within current regulations?

Property owners or operators must obtain a license from Cape Town Council, known as the "Short-Term Letting Declaration," to offer their property for short-term rental purposes.

What happens if my property gets damaged?

Whilst hosting with us, you’ll remain covered by Airbnb’s AirCover - so you’ll still be insured for up to $1m damage protection and $1m liability insurance. We’ll also protect your property with GuardHog insurance, so you’ll be insured on multiple other booking sites.

If your property is damaged by a guest, we’ll take care of filing the claim on your behalf. It’s also good to know that AirCover will reimburse you within 2 weeks if the guest refuses to pay. We’ll also take care of repairing any damages if you’d like us to, or just let us know if you’d like to use your own contractors.

How do you maintain housekeeping?

Our comprehensive Airbnb management service in Cape Town takes care of all your housekeeping and cleaning needs, addressing the difficulties and challenges of maintaining a popular short-term rental.

We understand the time-consuming nature of cleaning and the inconvenience of last-minute changes and finding cleaners. With our service, we handle scheduling, supplies, and all aspects of housekeeping, allowing you to focus on other aspects of managing your property or enjoy personal time.

Our dedicated team ensures that your property is consistently clean and well-maintained, helping you earn more by attracting guests with a high standard of cleanliness. By entrusting us with your housekeeping responsibilities, we simplify your life as a host and enhance your rental's appeal while maximising your earnings.

How will you market my property?

We create captivating listings with appealing descriptions and high-quality photographs to showcase your property's unique features. By optimising your listing across popular booking platforms and implementing dynamic pricing strategies, we maximise visibility and ensure competitive rates. Additionally, targeted digital marketing campaigns, search engine optimisation, and excellent guest communication support further enhance your property's exposure and guest experience. Through this holistic approach, we aim to attract a consistent flow of bookings and help you achieve optimal rental performance.

How long before I start earning?

On average, it takes less than 10 days from when you book a call to your listing going live. This includes an in-person onboarding meeting, where we take you through how to use our digital dashboard and arrange a professional photography shoot. We’ll get the photos edited and create your listing across multiple platforms. Book an onboarding call with one of our expert advisors today.

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