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Earning money from your second home has never been easier with Houst. We’re enabling homeowners to remove the hassle of hosting themselves to do more with their time.

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“The income I generate pays off the mortgage and even helps pay for my holidays each year. It really wouldn’t be possible without Houst.”

- Louisa F, based in the Cotswold, flat in central London


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Do you really “not lift a finger” as a host?

Our team takes care of every step of the process. We’ll arrange a professional photoshoot for your property, so that we can create a listing to showcase your property. From the moment you receive your first booking, we’ll take care of guest vetting, 24/7 guest communication, house-keeping, and maintenance. We’ll update everything to your digital dashboard, so you can stay in the loop and be as involved as you like. 

Do I really not interact with Guests at all?

Our 24/7 guest communication team is available around the clock to speak with your guests. We have a dedicated guest support phone number for each area we operate in, so we’re only ever a phone call away. There’s no need to worry about late night phone calls or lockouts from guests!

How does Houst prevent Airbnb parties taking place in my property?

Airbnb has a worldwide ban on parties - and we act in accordance with this policy. We use guest ID verification platforms, as well as an integrated software when taking payments, to highlight any fraudulent or suspicious activity. Your property is also insured across every booking website we list it on – at no extra cost.How does Cleaning work?How does Houst Charge?Are there any hidden costs?Are there any other fees to consider?How does check-in work?How do I get paid?

How does cleaning work?

We automatically schedule a clean following each guest’s stay, so your property will always be spotless on your return. If you, friends, or family come to stay, simply book a clean via your digital dashboard for when you leave (or you can choose to clean the property yourself). 

How does Houst charge?

We calculate our booking fee on the gross booking platform earnings. As a host, you will be required to complete a Direct Debit Authority for the processing of all fees and deduction of all fees. Our commission starts from 12%.

Are there any hidden costs?

If you choose not to join us full time and opt into our flexible pricing strategy, there is an onboarding fee of £150. This covers an in-person onboarding meeting at your property, a professional photoshoot, and lockbox installation. 

How does check-in work?

We use two different kinds of lockboxes, depending on whether we’re installing a wall-mounted or railing lockbox. The security of your home is our top priority, so we’ve made sure our lockboxes are secure. 

For wall-mounted lockboxes, we use the Supra C500 Police Accredited KeySafe. Put through a series of demanding tests devised by security experts, this lockbox is as attack resistant as a domestic front door. As the name suggests, it's been officially police approved too!

For railings, we use the MasterLock 5414. Made by one of the most trusted security brands, this lockbox has a solid zinc body and a dual-locking system for additional security. These lockboxes are widely used by Britain’s NHS to access homes requiring social care. 

To be completely safe, your keys are only tagged with a unique home code and we keep spares locked away in our office too. It’s also good to note that the lockboxes are almost always empty. Either your guests or our cleaners will have the keys - the lockbox is used only on changeover day.

How do I get paid?

Payments in and out of your account are seamless and easily trackable via your host dashboard. Each booking platform has a different payout method.

Airbnb - Exactly when the funds arrive in your account depends on the payout method you’ve selected. The nightly rental and the cleaning fee from the guest will come into your account at the same time. Houst will then collect the cleaning fee 48 hours after the clean in order to pay the laundry provider and housekeeper, and collect the management fee via weekly Direct Debits., HomeAway, Expedia (etc) - Houst will collect funds on your behalf and pay you the total amount excluding fees in monthly payments. Apart from Houst’s management fee proportion, the cleaning fee is still paid by the guest. Houst will collect the cleaning fee from you after the clean as with Airbnb bookings, and you will be reimbursed in your monthly payment.

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