Brisbane Airport Accommodation: A Convenient Stay for Travellers

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May 25, 2023
April 26, 2023

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Brisbane Airport Accommodation: A Convenient Stay for Travellers

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Regarding airport hotels, finding accommodations that offer both convenience and quality is often challenging. Brisbane Airport boasts some excellent hotels with the perfect location, facilities, comfortable rooms, and good amenities.

To assist you in selecting the ideal hotel based on your terminal, we'll go over the top choices for a 24 to 48-hour stay at Airport Motels Brisbane in this article. We'll also provide you with a general description of the airport.

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Brisbane Airport Overview: Two Terminals, One Convenient Location

Brisbane Airport consists of two separate terminals, Brisbane Domestic, and Brisbane International, located a distance of over two kilometers apart. It's important to note that walking safely between the two terminals is impossible. However, the airport provides a complimentary Terminal Transfer Bus that operates on a 10-minute loop between 4 am and 11 pm.

It's worth mentioning that no Brisbane airport accommodations or nearby hotels offer their own free shuttle service to and from the airport.

Consider Transfer Costs When Choosing Your Brisbane Airport Hotel

When selecting a hotel at Brisbane Airport, it's essential to consider the additional cost of transfers to your accommodation. If you arrive after 11 pm, you'll likely have to pay for an Uber or taxi service. Opting for a hotel located within the domestic airport area can save you money, considering the added cost of transfers from other hotels, especially if you have an early morning domestic flight.

Luxury Brisbane Airport Hotels

Pullman Brisbane Airport

The Pullman Brisbane Airport is the only 5 star hotel Brisbane Airport, offering quality, convenience, and excellent facilities. Adjacent to the domestic terminal, this hotel provides 132 modern rooms and suites with a club lounge. Despite being a five-star hotel, the Pullman Brisbane Airport offers reasonable rates, with room prices starting at just over $200.

The hotel features modern styling, exceptional service, and an impressive dining experience that sets it apart. It's worth noting that the hotel is a 10-minute walk from the domestic terminal or a $12 transfer from the international airport, with the option to use the free bus service if available. Additional amenities include a pool, gym, and spacious meeting rooms.

brisbane airport accommodation

Alcyone Hotel Residences (Modern Transit Apartments)

For those seeking modern transit accommodations, Alcyone Hotel Residences is an excellent choice. Located in the Portside Cruise Terminal precinct, approximately a 10-minute drive from Brisbane Airport, Alcyone Hotel Residences offers one and two-bedroom king-bed apartments. This hotel offers excellent value for money, with one-bedroom apartments starting at a reasonable rate of approximately $220 and two-bedroom apartments with a balcony priced at around $320.

The apartments feature private bedrooms with king beds, full kitchens, bathrooms, lounge and dining areas, washer-dryer, dishwasher, and Smart TVs. Balconies offer views of the Brisbane River, providing a delightful setting to enjoy Brisbane's pleasant weather. Nearby Portside offers various dining options, a cinema, and cafes, all just a short walk away. The Brisbane City ferry terminal is also close by, offering convenient transportation to explore the city and its river suburbs.

Mid-Priced Brisbane Airport Hotels

Novotel Brisbane Airport

Situated approximately 5 minute's drive from both Brisbane airport terminals, the Novotel Brisbane Airport offers a pleasant stay at a reasonable price point. While it falls under the mid-range category, the Novotel provides a convenient location near the DFO shopping and dining precinct at Brisbane Skygate. This is a significant advantage, as it allows guests to access fresh groceries or enjoy shopping at the adjacent DFO discount outlet mall.

The hotel features standard Novotel design rooms with a comfortable night's sleep and above-average room sizes. Dining options include the Catalina Restaurant, which provides a bistro-style dining experience. Families will appreciate that kids under 16 stay free at all Novotel hotels, making it a suitable choice for family travelers. Additional facilities include a pool, gym, meeting rooms for business travelers, and an airport shuttle service for a fee. Guests can walk to Skygate and take the free Skygate shuttle from around 6:30 am to 4 pm.

Link Portside Apartment Hotel

Located near the Portside Cruise Terminal and a 10-minute drive from the airport, the Link Portside Apartment Hotel offers excellent apartment-style accommodations, perfect for families or those seeking more space.

The one and two-bedroom apartments feature queen or king beds, full kitchens, bathrooms, lounge and dining areas, washer-dryer, dishwasher, and outdoor patio areas. With prices starting at $220 for a one-bedroom and $330 for a two-bedroom apartment per night, this hotel provides comfortable and spacious living.

Like Alcyone Hotel Residences, the Link Portside Apartment Hotel benefits from the nearby Portside precinct, which offers multiple dining options, a cinema, cafes, and a CityCat terminal.

Budget Brisbane Airport Hotels

IBIS Brisbane Airport Hotel and IBIS Budget Brisbane Airport

For budget-conscious travelers, Brisbane Airport offers two Ibis hotels with different characteristics. The Ibis Brisbane Airport Hotel provides the best budget option, offering quality rooms and a convenient location next to the Pullman Hotel and within walking distance of the domestic terminal.

The rooms, available as Standard Rooms with a Queen-Sized Bed or Standard Twin Rooms with a Double and Single Bed, come for $159 and feature private bathrooms, mini-fridges, and tea and coffee-making facilities. For plane enthusiasts, requesting a high-floor room with an airport view is worth requesting.

While the Ibis Brisbane Airport Hotel offers excellent value for money, it's essential to note that the rooms are relatively small, measuring only 20 square meters. The hotel provides dining options, though primarily burgers, pizzas, and fish and chips.

Guests can also explore dining options at the adjacent Pullman Hotel or walk to the domestic terminal.

brisbane airport accommodation

On the other hand, the Ibis Budget Brisbane Airport hotel is located just a few minute's drive from the international airport terminal, near a bustling intersection on the edge of an industrial area.

This hotel does not have dining options onsite or nearby, which may be a consideration for guests arriving without eating. However, the hotel does provide a complimentary continental breakfast.

With rates under $120, including continental breakfast, the Ibis Budget Brisbane Airport hotel offers a well-priced accommodation option. Rooms range from Standard Rooms with a Queen Bed to rooms accommodating up to four people in a queen and bunk bed combination.

The hotel features basic rooms with no dining or entertainment options onsite or nearby. While there are few facilities, guests receive good value for their money with this budget-friendly hotel.

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When it comes to finding suitable accommodations near Brisbane Airport, travellers have a range of options to choose from. Hotels with handy locations, cozy rooms, and a range of services are available whether you're searching for luxury, moderately priced, or inexpensive lodging.

Considering factors such as terminal transfers and nearby attractions, you can select the hotel that best fits your needs and enjoy a convenient and pleasant stay at Brisbane Airport. If you still need help finding suitable Brisbane airport accommodation, you can visit Houst. A perfect platform for finding suitable accommodation plans.

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