Rentals in Brighton: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Short-Term Holiday Rentals



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June 5, 2023
July 27, 2023

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Rentals in Brighton: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Short-Term Holiday Rentals

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Are you considering exploring Brighton for starting your short-term rental business? In that case, this blog is just the right place where you can get a comprehensive guide on finding the perfect places to invest in Brighton and neighbouring areas. 

Brighton is one of the top tourist destinations, especially in summer, due to its spectacular seaside, incredible waterfronts and bluish beaches. This is the reason many people head towards Brighton for making their holidays and vacations memorable and unique.

In this blog, we will discuss the places where the property and rental yields are higher. Plus, the tourist’s footprint is higher due to the plush amenities and increased level of connectivity. After this, we will discuss the Houst’s services for maximising the rental yields along with professional property management services. So, let’s start this informative discussion!

Table of Contents

Short-Term Lets Market in Brighton

The rental market in Brighton is very diverse and the tourists can explore a number of property types tailored to their specific needs. Airbnb, VRBO and other online booking platforms offer different options for the convenience of the guests.

Brighton is known for the hoteling and hospitality business due to the thousands of hotels, apartments and rooms available at a single locality. This is why the investors should invest in these short-term lets with confidence to earn higher yields and increase the annual revenues. 

stats on percentage change in supply of short term rental properties in 2023 vs 2019

The thriving sea-side economy of Brighton is in favour of the holiday rentals and invites many property investors to invest in multiple rental properties. At present, there's a 15% surge in the holiday rentals compared to the Covid levels in 2019. It reflects a boom in the short-term rental market in Brighton which should be capitalised on.

Top Place to Invest in the Short-Term Rentals in Brighton

With a number of places unique for the short-term rentals, Brighton is the perfect place for the holiday rentals after Covid-19. We have curated a myriad of great locations where the property investors can start their short-term lets business:

  1. Brighton Seafront: With an average population of 12000 residents and the average rental yield of £465, 600, this area is largely occupied by the tourists in the summertime when large groups of people flocks towards the Brighton Seafront to take a plunge in the reinvigorating waters of the Brighton beaches.

At Brighton Seafront, the tourists are indulged in the exciting activities of volleyball, Frisbee, kayaking, stand-up paddle. All of these activities are considered the best activities to spend a memorable time at Brighton Seafront.

  1. Hove: Although the rental yields are relatively higher than the adjoining areas in Brighton, Hove is a magnet for the tourists who admire the sea-side life in summertime. The average rental income is reported at £505, 300. The housing and holiday rental market is thriving due to the sea-side based economy.

The short-term rental market is making progress and has not reached the saturation point. So, there’s a huge opportunity for the new property investors to enjoy the promising returns at Hove by investing in the right property.

  1. Kemptown: This is located to the east of the City Centre, the Kemptown is a perfect amalgamation of high social spirit, perfect inclusivity, dopamine entertainment, recreational hotspot. The local areas to explore are St. James Street and St. George’s Road where you can find everything from delicious restaurants to old bookshops.

Queen’s Park, India’s Planet, Seafront, Brighton Racecourse, Royal Pavilion, SEA Life Brighton, Brighton Museum & Art Gallery are the main attractions people wish to visit in Kempton.

  1. City Center: In the City Center, the tourists can live in the affordable flats for their vacation sojourns. However, the payment of a premium is necessary for getting a residence in the City Centre of Brighton. The average rental yield of short-term lets is £481,500. 

Brighton i360, American Express Community Stadium, the Brighton Centre and Brighton West Pier are conveniently accessible from the City Centre. This is why the new investors can explore short-term rental properties in this part of Brighton.

  1. Inner Suburbs: The Victorian styled buy-to-let property in this part of Brighton has a rental yield of £381, 500. The area is less populated and the guests can find affordable holiday rentals away from the city life. If you’re looking for a reasonable property, an inner suburb can be a great option for you.
  2. Outer Suburb: In the outer suburbs of Brighton, the property investors can discover a myriad of property options from luxurious buy-to-let properties to low-cost holiday rentals. With high-ended amenities, the outer suburb is one of the top residential areas in Brighton. 

Preston Manor & Gardens and St. Bartholomew is one of the unique historical sites that people can visit in Brighton. The outer suburb is one of the idyllic locations where investors can take risk of investing in the right buy-to-let property.

  1. Worthing: Notable for the seaside town and a retirement place, Worthing enjoys the status of one of the highest yields from the short-term rentals. The property prices are relatively cheaper in this unique area of Brighton. With an average yield of 4%, Worthing is a perfect place for the professionals who visit this part of the city. 

Worthing Pier, Highdown Gardens, Worthing Beach, Highdown Vineyard and English Martyrs Catholic Church are some of the splendid landmarks and the architectural marvels which make this place stand out.

  1. Shoreham By Sea: Due to the higher connectivity and presence of the airport and a port makes this place unique and exceptional for short-term rentals. Despite the restricted number of amenities, Shoreham by Sea is desirable for the higher rental yield of up to 4%. This place is quiet and calm and can make the accommodations more relaxing and luxurious.

Shoreham Harbour Lifeboat Station, Shoreham Farmers Market, Marlipins Museum, Shoreham Fort and Virtual Aerospace are the premier attractions which make Shoreham by Sea a great place to visit and invest in the right holiday rentals.

  1. Portslade by Sea: Apart from the Portslade village, this part of the Brighton area is famous for the residential market. However, the rental market is also thriving due to the extensive connectivity and affordable property prices. 

Alton Towers, Alton Towers Waterpark, Black Country Museum, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Blue Planet Aquarium are the local attractions, making Portslade by Sea an exciting location to explore in Brighton.

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The Final Thoughts

Finally, we conclude the discussion that the short-term rental market is thriving in Brighton and neighbouring areas due to the local landmarks, enticing restaurants, relaxing beaches, calm seafronts and architectural masterpieces make Brighton a unique place to spend extraordinary holidays and vacations. After Covid, Brighton has witnessed a sudden rise in the demand and supply of the short-term rentals which the investors should benefrom from.

On the other hand, the property investors can invest in diverse properties and entrust the business to the dedicated team of professionals and tech enthusiasts. The short-term rentals in Brighton can reach their potential of earning with the help of Houst who know the pulse of the market and understand the pros and cons of each strategy. Besides, Houst optimises the business and aligns it with the local rules and regulations to avoid any violations and the ultimate penalties. So, let’s start the short-term rental journey with the Houst!

The Insider @ Houst

The Insider @ Houst

The Insider team provides up-to-date and relevant information on short-term rentals to help navigate the world of short lets. If you're interested in publishing your content, please get in touch with us at

The Insider @ Houst

The Insider @ Houst

The Insider team provides up-to-date and relevant information on short-term rentals to help navigate the world of short lets. If you're interested in publishing your content, please get in touch with us at