Clearing Up Your Hosting Doubts:

A Comprehensive Guide to Houst's Hosting Services

We're helping homeowners make more of their property. Unlock your potential by opening your doors to guests - host more, earn more, do more. With many services and solutions it's easy to get overwhelmed while managing your property for short-lets. Here we answer all questions in one place so you can rest easy.

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Guest Communications

What if a guest has trouble accessing my home?

What if a guest arrives later than planned?

How quickly do you respond to guests?

How do you handle communications with my guests?

Do I have to write guest reviews?

Do guests know they are calling a company when you answer the phone?

Can I communicate with my guests?

Laundry and Cleaning

What are the “first cleaning and linen delivery”?

Why am I being charged cleaning and laundry fees - doesn't the guest pay these?

How do cleaning and laundry services work with Houst?

I noticed a line item for “Additional expenses incurred” on a recent housekeeping invoice - what is this for?


What ongoing costs will I have?

Why is Houst’s commission taken on the gross payout from the booking?

Why am I seeing multiple charges in my bank account each month?

Why am I being charged cleaning and laundry fees - doesn't the guest pay these?

Where can I see my invoices?

When will I be billed?

Guest Access

Can I update my lockbox code?

Can I offer early check-in or late check-out?


What occupancy rate can I expect?

When will my home receive bookings?


Why does my listing price sometimes change from night to night?

What factors influence my listing price?

How can I control pricing?

How do you maximise returns from my listing?


Why is Houst offering insurance for multiple platforms?

What happens in the rare event I need to make a claim?

What stays are covered?

What does the policy cover?

What does it cost?

I have a few questions about the policy, who can I speak to?

How is it different from Airbnb's Host Guarantee?

Does it include theft?

Do non-Airbnb platforms not offer insurance or guarantees themselves?

Do I need to have existing home insurance for this to work alongside?

Am I or is my property eligible for Houst's Host Cover?

Anything else I need to know?


What can I do to get good reviews from my guests?