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March 7, 2023 makes finding pet friendly hotels easy.

Simply search for your hotel, select the number of people and pets travelling with you, then select your dates and hit search.

You will find all hotels available in your chosen area, with a range of pet friendliness options including: Pets Welcome by request or Pets allowed on request subject to availability.

Table of Contents makes finding pet friendly hotels easy. is the best way to find hotels that will welcome your pet.

To search for pet friendly accommodations:

  • Go to and start your search by entering the name of your destination, dates of travel and number of rooms required (if you already know this information). If not, just choose "Find hotels" and enter in all those details later on!
  • Select how many people are travelling with you, then select how many pets are coming along for the ride as well - don't forget this step because it's important for finding out what kind of fees apply (and whether there are any restrictions) when booking a room at certain locations around town!

Once you've entered in all your details, click the "Search" button to view the results. If you're looking for a specific area such as Fisherman's Wharf or Lombard Street, you can use the filters at the top of the page to narrow down your results.

Search for your hotel

Once you've selected the number of people and pets travelling with you, hit Search. You'll be presented with a list of hotels available in your chosen area, with a range of pet friendliness options. Click on one of these to see more details about that particular accommodation including its location and amenities.

Once you've found a hotel that suits your needs, click Book Now. You'll be taken to the booking page where you can check availability and pay for your stay using a credit card or PayPalOnce you've added all the details, click on "Search hotels" to see results. You'll be able to see how many accommodations are available in each area, as well as their star rating (if applicable), price per night and distance from your destination. If you're looking for something specific like pet friendly hotels, filter by amenity so that only those types of accommodations appear on your screen..

If you want to find a hotel that allows pets, simply click the "Pets" dropdown menu on the left and choose your pet type. In this example, we're looking for a dog friendly hotel in San Francisco so we'll select "Dogs" from the list. 

Once you've selected all of your preferences - including number of rooms required (if any), travel dates and number of people travelling with you - click the "Search" button at the bottom right corner of your screenIf you'd like to see a map of all the hotels available in your chosen area, click on the Map tab and then click on "Show All." You'll be presented with a map that shows the hotels' locations as well as their distance from each other. From here, you can zoom in or out and find where you want to stay more easily..

Select the number of people and pets travelling with you

When you are booking a pet friendly hotel, it is important to know the number of people and pets travelling with you. The pet policy will depend on the hotel and some may not be able to accommodate more than one small dog or cat per room. If you are unsure about which room type is best suited for your needs, call the property directly to ask about their policies on maximum occupancy (including pets).

You should also be aware of the hotel’s pet fee. Most hotels will charge a one-time or daily fee per animal, but some may have additional fees for cleaning and damage repair. If you are staying at a dog friendly hotel, it is important to know what their policies are with regards to walking your dog outside on site, as well as any restrictions on leaving them in your room while you are out.

Select your dates and hit search

Now that you've decided to travel with your pet, it's time to book your hotel.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Search for hotels by location and then filter by star rating, price and other factors (such as whether or not they allow pets).
  • Select the number of people travelling with you, as well as how many dogs or cats will be coming along for the ride. Hit search!

You can filter hotels by pet friendliness. You can also search for hotels that allow dogs, cats or both. is the best way to find hotels that will welcome pets is the best way to find hotels that will welcome pets.

You can search for hotels with pets, or if you're looking for a place where your dog can come along on your next vacation, simply select "Pets Welcome" from the drop-down menu in the search box. You can even choose how many people and pets are travelling with you!

When it comes time to book your travel plans, be sure to use's simple checkout process--you'll be on vacation in no time!

When it comes to finding hotels that welcome pets,'s search engine is the best way to go. You can search by location or points of interest, and even narrow down your results based on amenities like free Wi-Fi, breakfast options and pools. When you find a place that looks good, click through for more information--including pictures of each hotel room!

Locating Pet-Friendly Accommodations with the App

If you're looking for hotels using the app, follow the same steps to find pet-friendly accommodations.

After first looking for hotels, click on the Filter button at the top, then scroll down to the Amenities section and click on "Pets allowed". To see this option, you may need to click "See more" under Facilities. Then click the "Show results" button.

Only pet-friendly hotel listings that meet the remainder of your criteria are now displayed.

Examining Pet-Friendly Hotel Listings

Not all pet-friendly hotels are made equal! Fortunately, additional information is frequently supplied for pet-friendly hotels to assist you assess whether this hotel fulfils your and your pet's needs.

Scroll down to the "Facilities" section for an accommodation listing, below the list of room options, to learn about the pet policies. There should be a section about pets: - Pet Policies

There is also an entry on pets in the "House rules" section. (In the app, view these rules by clicking on the "Property policies" section). Typically, the following information is displayed: - Pets - What You Should Know

It's also recommended reviewing the "The fine print" and "Property questions and answers" sections to see if there are any more details of the pet policy.

What about pet fees?

There don't appear to be any requirements for this particular hotel, and pets are normally allowed, not simply on request. Nonetheless, there is a price, however the amount is not specified.

Unfortunately, I've never seen to disclose the pet costs, even when other hotel booking sites selling the same hotel do. This makes it difficult to accurately evaluate hotels because the additional prices can differ.

I've attempted to obtain the information elsewhere, called the hotel, or left it as a surprise when I arrived at the hotel. (The additional price is normally minor in Europe, but you may be surprised!)

What if Pets Are Allowed on Request?

Check the conditions to determine if it states that dogs are only permitted "on request": - Pets are permitted on request.

In this instance, you should contact the hotel to find out whether your dog is permitted to stay and what the rules and prices are. Either postpone reserving the hotel or select an option that allows for free cancellation.

Because so many hotels provide free cancellation, I normally just go through with the booking, send a message, then double-check that I've received approval for my dog within the next couple of days.


So if you are looking for a pet friendly hotel, we recommend booking with They have the widest range of hotels available and their search function makes finding the perfect hotel easy. You can also book directly through our website or app so that you know your booking will be secure at all times - no matter what!

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