Expedia vs Airbnb: Which Platform Is Right for Your Property



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June 20, 2024

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Expedia vs Airbnb: Which Platform Is Right for Your Property

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The vacation rental market has been booming lately, giving property owners a fantastic chance to make good money by offering unique places to stay. But with so many options out there, figuring out where to list your property can be tough. Many owners find themselves stuck between Airbnb and Expedia.

Airbnb and Expedia are two big names in the vacation rental world, each with its own perks and downsides. In this article, we'll compare Expedia Airbnb, so you can make a smart choice that fits your goals.

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What is Expedia?

Expedia is a go-to for hotel bookings and travel services, but now it's making waves in the vacation rental market too. Listing your property on Expedia lets you reach a huge global audience, thanks to its well-known brand and large customer base.

As a property owner, you'll appreciate the variety of tools Expedia offers to simplify managing your rental. They've got booking systems, calendar sync, and payment processing all in one place. The platform is user-friendly, so you and your guests will find it easy to use. Just remember that Expedia charges a commission for each booking, which can change based on your property's type and location.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is famous for its unique, community-focused approach to vacation rentals. It's hugely popular worldwide, especially with individual property owners. One of the best things about Airbnb is the flexibility it gives hosts. You can set your own rental terms, property rules, pricing, and cancellation policies.

Many property owners love the control and customisation Airbnb offers. While they do charge a commission on bookings, they also provide extra perks like host guarantee protection and dedicated host support.

What is the Difference Between Expedia and Airbnb

Expedia and Airbnb are big names in the vacation rental world, offering unique features that cater to different property owners' needs. Let's take a look at some examples of how Expedia stacks up against Airbnb:

User Experience

Expedia shines with its user-friendly interface and straightforward booking process, making it easy for both owners and travellers. On the other hand, Airbnb focuses on a community-driven approach, offering a unique and interactive experience. Both platforms prioritise user-friendliness so you'll have a smooth experience no matter which one you choose.


Expedia has set policies, while Airbnb gives hosts more freedom to create their own property rules, pricing, and cancellation policies. 

Fees and Commission

Expedia charges a commission and provides some flexibility in payment options. Airbnb also uses a commission-based model but offers more flexibility with its fee structure, giving property owners greater control over their costs.

Target Audience

Expedia attracts a wide variety of travellers, from business professionals to leisure vacationers. On the other hand, Airbnb mainly appeals to individual travellers who are looking for unique, local experiences.

Support and Resources

Both platforms provide support, but Airbnb stands out with its strong emphasis on community-building and educational resources for hosts.

Airbnb Vs Expedia 

Aspect Airbnb Expedia
Owner Fees No credit card fees
Split fees (14-16% for guests, ~3% for hosts)
Commission ranges from 10% to 30% of the booking price
Host-only fee (~15% of booking rate)
Insurance AirCover for Hosts (up to $1 million liability) Travel insurance for trip cancellations, medical expenses
Smart Pricing Adjusts based on market demand MarketMaker™ for competitive rates based on market data
Cancellation Policy Flexible policies with full refund options Free 24-hour cancellation, host-specific rules possible
Listing Rules Detailed property requirements Permits, cleanliness, safety, accurate description
Review System 14-day review period, detailed ratings Automated post-stay reviews
Payment Process Centralised, automatic payments 24 hours after check-in Full guest payment upfront, host payment within 30 days
Special Features Instant Book feature available Instant Booking option, higher ranking for listings

Why is Expedia Popular?

Expedia started out booking hotels and now offers vacation rentals, too. People love Expedia because it's been around a long time and has a great reputation for travel. It's known worldwide, so it attracts all kinds of travellers, whether they're on vacation or travelling for work.

For property owners, Expedia is a hit because so many people know and trust it. Expedia does a lot of advertising, so it brings in many guests looking for places to stay. The brand is well-known and trusted, which makes it easier for owners to rent out their properties.

Why is Airbnb Better?

Airbnb has really made a name for itself, and it's easy to see why. They're all about offering travellers unique, local experiences you can't find anywhere else. People love Airbnb because it's not just about finding a place to stay; it's about connecting with the culture and feeling like you belong there.

Airbnb has nailed it with their branding and marketing too. They've become super popular by showing how staying with locals can be a whole new way to travel. For property owners, Airbnb is a goldmine because it lets you reach tons of adventurous travellers and culture buffs who are eager to explore.

Airbnb vs Expedia: Which One to Choose?

Airbnb is famous for attracting diverse travellers who crave unique experiences and accommodations. With Airbnb, your listing gets a boost in visibility thanks to its strong brand presence and large user base. You have full control over who stays at your place, and the payment process is straightforward.

On the other hand, Expedia offers a structured booking process and multiple ways for hosts and guests to communicate. Expedia's extensive network of partner sites can give your listing even more exposure. Guests can book everything they need for their trip in one go on Expedia, often saving money with bundled vacation packages.


Airbnb and Expedia have a significant impact on the travel industry, each serving different customer preferences. Airbnb, in particular, appeals to a customer base that values comfort and style over luxury. If you own a property and want to make your Airbnb more appealing to your target guests but are not sure where to start, getting help from experts who know how to manage Airbnb listings can make a big difference. Consider hiring a property management service like Houst to optimise your listings on these platforms and get the most out of them!

The Insider @ Houst

The Insider @ Houst

The Insider team at Houst is dedicated to providing up-to-date and relevant information on short-term rentals. If you have hosting inquiries, please write to us at expert@houst.com. For guest inquiries, reach out at guest@houst.com. We are here to help you navigate the world of short lets and look forward to assisting you with your needs.

The Insider @ Houst

The Insider @ Houst

The Insider team at Houst is dedicated to providing up-to-date and relevant information on short-term rentals. If you have hosting inquiries, please write to us at expert@houst.com. For guest inquiries, reach out at guest@houst.com. We are here to help you navigate the world of short lets and look forward to assisting you with your needs.

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