Ask the experts: 9 tips to become an Airbnb Superhost

November 16, 2018

Whether you’ve used Airbnb a few times as a guest or you’re a seasoned host, you’ve probably heard of the much-coveted ‘Superhost’ status awarded to… well, Superhosts.

What’s so special about Superhosts?

Airbnb provides a range of perks to incentivise trying for superhostdom. These include hard benefits like increased average earnings (+22% according to Airbnb; +60% more revenue per available day according to Airdna), a 20% bonus on host referrals and an annual travel coupon or free professional photoshoot, through to promises of exclusive partner discounts, priority support,  exclusive event invites and improved visibility for your listing.

In short: Superhosts have it pretty good.

However, this elusive accolade doesn’t just get dished out to any Airbnb host. If you’re even going to have a shot at making it into the upper echelons of host society, there’s a fair amount of hoop-jumping that has to take place first. Airbnb has created 4 quantifiable values that are required of their superhost elite:

There are many paths to the top of the Superhost mountain (some quicker than others) so to help you decide on a plan of action I’ve pulled together top tips from a range of experts from Houst hosts who have gained Superhost status to 5-star rated property cleaners, a property photographer, and an interior design specialist. 

Here's how to get into the Superhost club, according to the experts... 

1. Nikki Robertson, Houst host & Airbnb Superhost in Edinburgh 

Houst host superhost

“As an avid explorer myself, I understand the value of a seamless travel experience. To me, this means providing a comfortable, hassle-free and enjoyable environment for your guests with a local feel. A critical aspect of being a great host is listening to each guest's feedback and acting upon their suggestions  - its the small tweaks to your property which massively enhances their enjoyment of the property. A few tips would be to provide everything your guest could need, make cleanliness a priority and provide timely and efficient communication.”

Check out Nikki’s Airbnb listing here.

2. Michael Bradley-Banszki, Client Success Team Lead at Houst

“A guest can tell whether you care about their needs during the day, or whether they are simply there to make you money. Caring about your guests' comfort and quality of stay makes a huge impact. This can be small gestures such as toiletry samples, a beverage station, a welcome basket, a phone charge station or simply a welcome note – it goes a long way! Alternatively, willingness to help when maintenance issues arise also makes a huge impact.”

3. Kate Cowley, Senior Client Success Executive at Houst

“Guests choose to stay in an Airbnb over a hotel for the personal touches. They want to feel at home away from home, so I would recommend personalising your space (if you don’t live in the property yourself), or leaving one or two quirky decorations out (if the property is your home). Cushions, colourful blankets, funky paintings and cactuses all photograph very well and give the property that homely feeling.”

4. Tatiana Filatova, Houst Supercleaner (100% 5-star cleans in the last month)

“When you’re preparing for your guests, don’t settle for ‘good enough’. Do it a hundred times better! Slapdash cleaning isn’t acceptable, but it’s not just my reputation on the line – it’s the host’s and Houst’s too.  Hosts can increase the chances of a perfect clean every time by making sure the property is fitted with working, efficient appliances. If a host invests in quality appliances in your property, the cleaner will make sure everything is kept clean and tidy, and those 5-star reviews will keep coming in.”

5. Olga Kott, Photographer at Houst

High-quality photographs will make your property stand out amongst other listings on Airbnb. After all, your guests can only rely on what they see online – and more often then not they’ll pick the most attractive place that fits their budget and requirements. Bright, colourful images that have character allow them to envision staying in and enjoying living like a local.”

6. James Sloane, Designer at Sloane & Sons

"When considering the best Airbnb design, you need to think impact. Make your space feel like the home your visitors wished they owned. They should feel like they could melt into your furniture and have their stresses float away. Look at small details and the sense of aspiration you're creating – there could be a statement piece of furniture, some local art, or maybe a selection of coffee books on tables to browse. Most importantly, embrace warm colours – giving a luxurious ambience. A deep-toned cosy sofa will work a treat – especially if you add some throws and cushions. Finally, make sure the lighting sets the mood!".

7. Clara Volpe, Guest Experience Executive at Houst

“Guests often ask us for things to do in the city they’re staying in... It's great for hosts to have a coffee table guidebook of things to do around the city for guests to browse whilst they’re staying. Guests get great advice, hosts get great reviews. Win-win!”

8. Peter Davis, Houst host & Airbnb Superhost in Sydney

"To be honest, becoming a Superhost is relatively simple. But becoming a Superhost and behaving like a Superhost are two very different things. Nikki and I respond to every guest review with a public host response, a few sentences that thank the guests for the positive review. We always mention something positive about the property: ‘Delighted you enjoyed the local cafes’, ‘So glad the weather was so lovely by the harbourside’, ‘Great to read your review about how comfortable and spacious you found the terrace’ and so on.

A personal touch that the public will read reinforces how great your listing is, and how great you are as Superhosts! Guests want to book with hosts that care about them. Let Houst manage the listing and spend a few minutes yourselves replying to your listings public guest reviews and you will see your bookings skyrocket! That’s the Superhost difference."

Check out Peter's Airbnb listing here.

9. Polat & Elçin Olu, Houst hosts & Airbnb Superhosts

"My secret to becoming a Superhost is consistency. This means always being prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that the guests are happy. In order to get plenty of bookings, I check that my listing is competitively priced so that my guests know that they're getting great value for money. Keep your rating up through great communication as well as having an attractive and accurate listing and a well-maintained property”.

Check out Polat's Airbnb listing here.

Hopefully there's plenty of inspiration in these tips to get you to Superhost status. At Houst, we're always working to get our hosts the best returns and guest reviews possible, and we're proud to say we manage properties for hundreds of Airbnb Superhosts. To find out more about our host management service, use our price calculator at the bottom of this page to see how much you could be earning by short-letting your home! 

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