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How Can You Find The Best Rental Management Company In 2023?

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Last updated on
February 26, 2023

Rent collecting, upkeep, and legal concerns are only a few of the difficult and time-consuming tasks involved in managing rental property. Other tasks include tenant screening, marketing, and maintenance.

A rental management company can offer a variety of services to aid property owners who wish to streamline the procedure and reduce the stress and responsibility of maintaining their rental properties. Property owners can benefit from a variety of advantages by utilising the skills and resources of a rental management business.

What are they? Read on and find out whether you need a rental company, or not.

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What is a rental management company?

A business that specialises in managing properties on behalf of property owners is known as a rental management company. These businesses can offer a wide range of services, such as advertising the property, choosing suitable renters, collecting rent, looking after the property, and resolving any difficulties or conflicts with tenants.

Property owners frequently use rental management companies to assist them in running their rental properties daily. As a result, the property owner can continue to earn rental revenue while concentrating on other areas of their life or company.

Rental management businesses often demand a fee or a share of the rent collected in return for their services. The cost varies according to the services rendered and the property's location.

Benefits of hiring a rental management company

For managing your rental property, working with a rental management firm can have several advantages. Among these advantages are:

  1. Reduces liability: Rental management organisations may assist property owners in abiding by all applicable federal, state, and local laws. Also, they may offer advice on fair housing regulations and assist in avoiding legal problems that can result from unlawful treatment of renters or property.
  1. Quality tenants: Property rental companies have the know-how and resources to vet prospective tenants, confirm employment and income, check references and credit histories, and run background checks. This may make sure that only trustworthy and accountable renters are chosen, which can prevent more issues.
  1. Less time between tenants: Rental management companies have experience promoting rentals to swiftly find the suitable renters. They possess the tools and expertise necessary to successfully market the property to a larger audience, cutting down on the period of time it is empty.
  1. Reduced maintenance costs: Rental management organisations may assist with routine maintenance, preventative maintenance, and quick response to tenant demands. This can lengthen the life of the property's systems and appliances as well as assist prevent expensive emergency repairs.
  1. Improved reviews: By offering renters timely, competent service, rental management firms may improve evaluations and raise tenant satisfaction. As a result, the property's value may rise by helping to draw in and keep quality renters.

What will a rental management company do for you?

A rental management business can provide property owners piece of mind and a variety of services, such as:

  1. Rent Collection: Property owners can entrust rental management businesses to collect rent on their behalf and make sure renters pay on time.
  1. Regular Property Maintenance: Such businesses may plan and organise routine property upkeep and repairs, ensuring that the building is kept in good shape and that any problems are dealt with right away.
  1. Eviction: Evicting a tenant can be a complicated process. But in the hands of professionals of a rental management company,  you can be sure that the job will be done.
  1. Finding Tenants: By promoting the property, vetting prospective tenants, and running background checks on them, rental management businesses may assist property owners in finding acceptable tenants.
  1. Accounting: Rental management firms may keep track of all monetary transactions pertaining to the property, such as rent payments, costs, and taxes, and can send the property owner frequent reports.

Lease drafting, tenant relations, property inspections, and property marketing are some of the additional services that rental management organisations could provide. Depending on the business and the demands of the property owner, several services may be offered.

What will it cost you to hire a rental management company?

Many elements, including the location and size of the property, the degree of services needed, and the particular firm being employed, might affect the cost of employing a rental management company in the UK.

Rental management organisations often charge a fee that is based on a percentage of the monthly rental income, which may be anywhere from 5% to 15% or more. For additional services like tenant screening, lease drafting, and property inspections, some businesses could additionally charge extra costs.

Property owners may also be liable for other charges such as maintenance and repair costs, property taxes, insurance, and any legal costs related to evictions or tenant disputes in addition to management fees.


To summarise, a rental management company may offer a variety of services to property owners, including tenant vetting, marketing, rent collecting, and property upkeep. A rental management business may reduce liability, draw in better renters, cut down on vacancies, minimise maintenance expenses, and increase tenant satisfaction, among other advantages.

A rental management business may be a smart investment for property owners who wish to streamline the renting process, reduce stress, and optimise their return on investment. The cost of employing a rental management company varies based on the services offered and the individual company.

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