Escape to Paradise: Unforgettable Stays at Gold Coast's Most Unique Airbnbs

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April 13, 2023

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Escape to Paradise: Unforgettable Stays at Gold Coast's Most Unique Airbnbs

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When your close-knit tribe feels the need for a long-overdue getaway, a home away from home is the perfect solution. While the region is brimming with luxury accommodations and stellar dining establishments to get the party started, an Airbnb on the Gold Coast is an ideal refuge for boundless high jinks.

Offering breathtaking scenery and ultimate locations, as well as Pinterest-perfect styling set against incredible architecture, these standout accommodations dial up the comfort in breathtaking style.

Table of Contents

1. Houston

The Houston Currumbin building, designed by art deco mastermind Harry Seidler in the 1950s, was one of the architect's very first Australian projects. Even without its boss credentials, this Gold Coast Airbnb is heavenly, even when it's not dripping in sunshine. As you sip your morning coffee on the balcony, take in some fresh air.

Houston consists of two light-filled apartments located on a quiet corner across the road from Currumbin Beach on one side and Barefoot Barista, one of the best caffeine pit stops in the entire city, on the other. The two-bedroom Apartment 1, which is located on the ground floor and has a decent lawn and terrace space to play with, feels beachy thanks to splashes of muted color among a slew of textured timbers, while touches of marble add a touch of opulence.

The bedroom interior has a minimalist feel to it.

The balcony of the two-bedroom Apartment 2 is the focal point, as an uninterrupted view of the beach creates a magnificent in-motion mural. Because it's so beautiful, they've decided to keep the master suite open concept, so the vistas feel endless. Coastal cool tones, once again, complement a tactile collection of sleek wood and rattan.

The curtains open to reveal beautiful scenery.

Both apartments are ideal for small families or couples, and feature fully equipped kitchens with cooking basics and Meile appliances, generous living areas, and swimming essentials such as particularly gorgeous towels, which are frequently slung across those enviable outdoor spaces to truly make passers-by envious.

There is lots of outside area for you and your friends to chill out.

Currumbin Beach

Price: Prices begin at $495 per night.

2. Hillview Dairy Company

Hillview Dairy is an outstanding exercise in more-is-more decor without overcluttering, with no nook or cranny left neglected. And, funny enough, you won't believe it's liveable right away.

While approaching the rusted old barn on a rural horse and cow farm in the Currumbin Valley, the 100-year-old edifice appears to be one warm summer storm away from collapsing. Yet once inside, you'll discover one of the most magnificent holiday homes on the Gold Coast.

The Hillview Dairy is a lush haven in Currumbin Valley.

Windmill sails hang on a living room wall, paying respect to a life spent on the farm, while cowhide seats point to a fireplace ornamented with split twigs placed in a milk can. Beautiful barn doors, exposed beams at the ceilings, jute carpets, and just the proper number of rustic furnishings (though we'll call them props here, because it's all so theatric-fantastic) make the space seem lived in without going into hoarder territory.

Relax and enjoy the tranquillity of nature.

Both bedrooms lead to a massive wooden patio complete with a wooden swing (because, fun), but one will be more prized than the other due to its unobstructed views of the area's rolling hills. The single bathroom (there had to be one drawback) has a good-sized bath, the kitchen has a stylish Smeg refrigerator, and the finest part is a circular pool just off the deck with its own spectacular views. This memorable Gold Coast Airbnb is excellent for families or groups of friends.

At the outdoor plunge pool, you can cool off.

Currumbin Valley is the location.

Price: Prices begin at $495 per night.

3. Acute Absence

Do you think you've had your fill of the tiny house craze? Not until you've seen Acute Abode, a stunning Airbnb on the Gold Coast. It's not the most practical of rooms inside, but if it's just you, or just you two, this apartment has to be seen to be believed. It features one of the most unique pitched roofs you'll ever see when world-wide Airbnb surfing.

At Acute Abode, you may reconnect with nature.

The roof alone will get you a lot of likes: black metal on the outside and glossy honey-hued wood on the interior. The sophisticated color scheme continues inside to concrete floors and away from the lush leafy greenery that engulfs this teeny-weeny stay, with a sleek eat-in kitchen stocked with pantry essentials, a cosy living area with a TV, rain-head shower, and a loft, reachable via a ladder, fitted with a comfy queen bed. But it's evident that this place is primarily about the outdoors, as a veranda lined with sun loungers and a BBQ beckons. A creek runs through the property, and the owners even give a kayak.

The living room of Acute Abode is open-plan, with a stairway leading to the bedroom.

Currumbin Valley is the location.

Price: Prices begin at $510 per night.

4. The Elder Villa 1 of the Hallidays

Staying at The Halliday will transport you to the pages of a home décor magazine. The Gold Coast houses, with one bonus property in NSW's Byron Bay, are all impeccably presented, but Elder Villa 1, a two-bedroom, two-bathroom Burleigh Heads development located within walking distance of the suburb's popular cafes, bars, and boutiques, is our favorite of the bunch.

Relax on the sofa with a good book.

The beach air blows directly through its open-plan living area, which includes a fireplace, with the lounge and dining rooms spilling out onto a covered patio that leads down to a gated mineral plunge pool filled with sun seats. It's the stuff of beach vacation fantasies. Soft pastels pop against white-on-white, which is warmed up with dabs of whitewash, rattan, and polished timber.

Have a seat on the outdoor deck and relax.

Elder's bedrooms are designed for couples, even two, or groups of friends. The upstairs master suite has its own Moroccan-tiled ensuite with Kevin Murphy goods. The outdoor concrete bath that welcomes you upon entry, however, is what customers truly marvel about. Situated in a planted garden reminiscent of a tropical resort, it's a relaxing area to kick back and relax.

Snuggle yourself into the luxurious queen bed.

Burleigh Heads is the location.

Price: Prices begin at $950 per night.

5. Hamar Residence

A dynamic mother-daughter partnership collaborated with the team at Australian Tiny Houses to build Hamar House, a Gold Coast Airbnb that offers holiday splendour among imaginative design in utter isolation. The eco-friendly, self-contained six-metre-long tiny house has been built in the middle of nowhere - but that's where the brilliance lies. It's located in the gorgeous Bonogin Valley, rich in subtropical flora and wildlife and just a 25-minute drive from the Gold Coast's beaches.

Enjoy perfect tranquillity while admiring the verdant environment.

A golf cart will transport couples to the character-filled, solar-powered refuge, where a welcome gift of home-baked food and a bottle of wine awaits. Inside, the area is intimate, yet it has been lovingly designed with elements such as artworks by Australian artists, bits of flora, comfortable sage bathrobes, and a color palette that matches its woodland surroundings.

The Hamar House is your second home.

The loft bedroom features big windows on both sides of the bed, allowing natural light and amazing views of the valley and the Gold Coast skyrises to fill the comfortable space. But it's outside where they've truly worked their magic.

A broad deck that feels roughly the same length as the house is outfitted with a high bar dining space and swing chair, and a cedar-style hot tub begs to be used. A firepit behind the tub provides yet another breathtaking vantage point. A bar fridge, microwave, oven, and coffee maker are all included in the amenities.

On the raised outside deck, enjoy an intimate supper date.

Bonogin Valley is the location.

Price: Prices begin at $375 per night.

6. Grand Designs Residence

Do you want your Gold Coast Airbnb with a celebrity twist? The Grand Designs Home in Tamborine Mountain was featured in season eight of Grand Designs Australia and has retained its awe-inspiring magnificence.

The four-bedroom, four-bathroom space, designed by the award-winning James Russell Architect firm in Brissie, lies on seven acres and offers a magnificent rural experience replete with horses and avocado trees. The property itself is unlike anything you've ever seen in Queensland, catering for up to eight guests and making it a wonderful hideaway for family get-togethers as youngsters are welcome.

Eat al fresco on the terrace.

The façade is multi-layered, with a wraparound, openable screen enclosing a courtyard - excellent for keeping mozzies at bay but a divisive choice - and a highlight column of climbing vines. Inside, hardwood floors and cathedral ceilings add to the drama, which also includes a fireplace, a bathhouse with forest views, and a solarium.

All rooms connect to the magnificent courtyard, which also has an outside fireplace, and there's a shipping container elsewhere that serves as the stay's fourth bedroom. It's all so brilliant that images simply cannot do it justice. On a cold day, gather around the bonfire to keep warm.

Tamborine Mountain is located in Queensland, Australia.

Prices start at $1,050 per night.

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7. Jabiru

If you're looking for a place to live with more than a few people, this six-bedroom, three-bathroom piece of real estate gold should do the trick. Jabiru is a Gold Coast holiday property that boasts blue-on-blue panoramas from practically every aspect. It is located right on Palm Beach and can accommodate up to 12 guests. While the waterfront property is plainly extravagant in scale, coastal design such as natural woods, sea life-inspired artwork, and a continuous mix of blue and white furnishings give it a surprisingly domestic air.

On your beachfront balcony, you may wake up to stunning sea views.

Numerous living and dining areas, including a spacious deck just feet away from the surf, an open plan kitchen with ample storage space, a warm loft lounge, an Xbox, bedrooms with plush bedding and ensuites, a spa bath, sun lounges, and a fire pit, should keep you entertained throughout your stay. You're just a short walk from amazing cafés and restaurants, as well as the Palm Beach Surf Club, which has one of the greatest beachfront decks on the Gold Coast for wine and dining, so there's always something to do. Enjoy your lazy days sipping a cocktail.

Palm Beach, Florida

Prices begin about $1,703 per night.

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