You are eligible for our new Property Check Service!

For £18.99 + VAT per month, have a trained member of our team visit your property for a complete Home MOT, to be conducted every two months. You’ll receive detailed reports and recommendations on how to improve your guest’s experience, improving your reviews and revenue potential.

Boost your Airbnb success

Airbnb Management Services by Houst | Short-Term Rental Experts. Houst team creates and manages airbnb listings for effective airbnb management.

Stay ahead
with home MOT

Preserve your property's condition. We’ll handle routine maintenance and urgent repairs, ensuring a comfortable stay for every guest.

Airbnb Management Services by Houst | Short-Term Rental Experts. Houst team creates and manages airbnb listings for effective airbnb management.

Increase your
rankings on Airbnb

Regular property checks help maintain the quality of your listing consistently, resulting in better Airbnb ranking over time.

Airbnb Management Services by Houst | Short-Term Rental Experts. Houst team creates and manages airbnb listings for effective airbnb management.

your earnings

Fine-tune your pricing strategy with our property checks. We’ll adjust prices based on market data and your property's unique features to ensure competitive rates.

General FAQs

Everything you need to know about this service. Can’t find the answer? Chat to our team.

Isn’t this what the cleaners are doing?

Our cleaners are responsible for reporting anything they deem important during their cleans such as damage, things that need the attention of maintenance contractors etc. However, as their primary role is to ensure the property is guest ready, there is always the possibility that they may not pick everything up. They are also not responsible for looking for general wear and tear, checking the amount of cutlery/crockery, testing appliances etc etc. This process isa much more in-depth MOT, rather than a damage reporting process.

Our team have a rigorous checklist to go through, including items such as boiler checks,WiFi checks, ensuring all lights, blinds are working etc. These checks are the most sure-fireway to ensure we keep on top of things and deliver the best guest experience possible.

I have more than one property with you, do I have to opt in for all my properties?

Not at all! Simply opt in on the specific Dashboard for the property(ies) you wish to have the Home MOT(s) for.

I have a longer term (mid let) tenant in my property, how will this work?

We would suggest having a Home MOT at the end of the booking.

How long am I tied in for?

You can opt-out whenever you deem it necessary, directly from your Dashboard. We just need a month’s notice for operational reasons.

Do these checks involve inventory?

The team will note if there is sufficient kitchen utensils including crockery, pots, pans etc. Whole property inventory is not included in this service.

Will you cancel bookings for these checks?


Will these happen at the same time every time?

No. Our operations team will coordinate these based on gaps in the calendar at the time!

I am rarely in my property, will the report provide photos?

Yes, it will include photos of the areas of concern.

How will the team be feeding back to me?

Once a Home MOT has been completed, your support team will review the feedback from the team attending. Depending on your maintenance spend preferences, to save hassling you, they may simply book in any maintenance work if they see fit. However, if you have selected ‘resolve with my approval’, they will reach out to you to consult on any proposed actions from the report.

How will I know when a check is taking place?

Your team will be in touch to schedule your routine Home MOT, and to share the results.

How will I be billed?

The charge will automatically be added to your account every month, viewable on your Dashboard.

What is the purpose of these checks?

Platforms like Airbnb are, more than ever, driving for the best Guest experience possible. At the same time we know that many Hosts, whose properties are available for a large portion of the year, are not able to get to their properties to check for wear and tear, general conditionand ensure everything is exactly as it should be. And so, for our hosts who are rarely at their property, we are introducing a more proactive and extensive form of a Home MOT. This will ensure Guests have the best experience possible, providing great reviews, which will drive the overall performance of the Home.