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Improve the security of your home and streamline check-ins with Houst Connect for the ultimate guest experience.

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Why smart locks?

Smart locks have remained on the periphery of short term rentals for years with no easy way to manage them and the cost being prohibitive. We’ve changed all this with Houst Connect.

Top notch security

No access stays the same with new codes for each property visit and full transparency on every entrance.

Seamless entry

The best guest experience on hands-free check ins regardless of the time or type of property. Better reviews and better bookings, every time.

Cost effective

With no more lockouts, lost keys or sticky locks, digital solutions save money over the lifetime of your property and generate more income.

Houst-approved smart locks

We’ve worked with industry leaders to get you the best deals in a fully integrated manner that can’t be found anywhere else. All these providers are verified for their high calibre of security and reliability to keep your property secure.


The perfect solution for the front door of your home with a heavy duty Yale lock working directly with your current mechanism.


A seamless solution for all buildings featuring remote access to your flat front door and a smart access to any communal doors you may have.


Solutions for all types of door and building designed around your unique situation all hosted in one place.

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Unmatched wholesale pricing

From £265

With our manufacturer deals, you won’t get these devices any cheaper.

Best in class digital access
Complete home security
Full property transparency

“A complete game changer”

“My digital lock has transformed our guest experience. No more hunting for keys in a lockbox, our guests simply turn up and walk in. The reviews have never been better.”

Ollie G., hosting since 2022

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