Airbnb Profit Calculator: Calculate Your Income Potential as an Airbnb Host



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December 27, 2022

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Airbnb Profit Calculator: Calculate Your Income Potential as an Airbnb Host

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Are you considering becoming an Airbnb host but unsure about the income potential? Determining how much you can earn as an Airbnb host depends on various factors such as your location, property type, and management approach. To help you gauge your profit potential accurately, we have developed an Airbnb profit calculator. This calculator takes into account key variables and provides an estimate of your potential income as an Airbnb host. By using this tool, you can make informed decisions about renting out your home or apartment and gain insights into the financial rewards of hosting on Airbnb. Read on to discover how the Airbnb profit calculator can help you assess your income potential and embark on a successful hosting journey.

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Airbnb can help you generate a lot of income, but it can be hard to know how much you'll earn as an Airbnb host. The answer depends on many factors, including your location, the type of property you rent out, and your willingness to manage the business. To help you figure this out, we've created this calculator that will show you what kind of profit potential there is for renting out your home through Airbnb.

"How much profit does Airbnb make? How much does the average host make on Airbnb? How much does Airbnb take from hosts?" These are among the most common questions we receive from customers. And while we can't answer the first two, we can calculate how much Airbnb takes from hosts.

There are a lot of things that Airbnb takes from you as a host. It's possible to make more profit on your Airbnb than you would in any other way.

By calculating the average cost per booking and multiplying it by the number of bookings made each month (or year), we can estimate how much profit an average host makes with Airbnb. Here's what we found:

If you're looking to make money from your home, Airbnb is a great option. The more money you can earn and the more time that goes into managing it, the more profit potential there will be.

The profit potential of an Airbnb rental investment is based on several factors, including location, amenities, and your ability to manage the business. Learn more about how much you can make on an Airbnb by following these steps:

  • Find out what kind of property would work well for you as an Airbnb rental property owner. Do some research on different types of properties in your area (e.g., homes vs apartments) before deciding which type suits you best for yourself and how much space it needs per guest during the peak season months such as Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve weekend nights when everyone wants somewhere quiet but still close enough, so they don't have too far drive home after partying all night long!
  • Understand what kind of services/amenities are important for guests visiting through this type

Airbnb's Target Market

If you're thinking about becoming an Airbnb host, it's important to understand who your target market is. The company's website states that it is a peer-to-peer marketplace for people to list, discover, and book accommodations worldwide. It also connects hosts with accommodations (such as hotel rooms or homes) with guests looking for a place to stay.

The most important thing about Airbnb's target market is that they need several things for them to use Airbnb:

  • They need access to inexpensive ways of booking/renting out their property;
  • They need someone else with whom they can share their property;
  • They want something interesting within walking distance from where they live (or within driving distance).

How much can you make on an Airbnb?

The average host earns £1,000 monthly, and the average guest pays about $300 in rent. Some hosts earn up to £2,000 per month, depending on the location and demand for that particular street or apartment.

How Much Can You Make On An Airbnb In A Specific City?

It's hard to predict how much you'll make on Airbnb because there are so many factors involved—but by using our calculator below, we can give you an estimate of how much money you could make as an individual host in different cities across America:

How much is the average Airbnb host making?

The average Airbnb host makes £6,500 per year in gross revenue, which is a bit higher than the average Airbnb host's net profit of £2,100. This is because there are more hosts who make less than £6K on their Airbnb business, and there are also many hosts who do not have full-time jobs outside of their Airbnb business.

The average net profit for an individual or couple who earns an income from renting out an entire home or apartment is about £800 per month (this figure includes all expenses). This means that most people who use Airbnb as a source of income will earn between £100-£200 every month after paying their monthly bills such as electricity/gas/water, taxes, insurance premiums, etc.

What Are the Airbnb Host Profits in Specific Cities?

The Airbnb host profit calculator is a great tool for calculating the potential income you can earn with your property. It will help you figure out how much you could make on an Airbnb based on your location and price point.

The following is a list of some cities where there are high concentrations of Airbnb hosts:

  • Edinburgh Old Town- 29 active listings for every 100 properties
  • North-West of Skye- 25 listings per 100 properties
  • London - 29 active listings for every 100 properties

How much do you need to invest in an Airbnb Business?

Before starting an Airbnb business, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, Airbnb is a full-time job. It's not for everyone—and that's okay! If you're looking for something extra and don't mind putting in the work, this could be the gig for you.

Airbnb isn't just about making money; it's also about building relationships with guests and hosts alike. If it feels like too much responsibility or running an Airbnb business isn't right for you at this point in time (or ever), we'd advise against pursuing it further until after some time has passed.

How much can you make on an Airbnb?

The Airbnb Calculator allows you to calculate your potential profit and losses. It also gives you a rough estimate of how much you will pay in fees, taxes, insurance, and repairs and what you can expect from Airbnb during each month's stay.

You will be surprised by some of the figures this calculator produces!

How to calculate if hosting is profitable in your area

  • Calculate your profit potential on Airbnb
  • Calculate your average Airbnb hosting income
  • Calculate Airbnb fees and taxes, including local tax laws and regulations. These vary by country and state/province. 

How to maximise Airbnb hosting income

You'll want to use a travel rewards credit card to maximise your Airbnb revenue. The best way to do this is by paying for your stay with your credit card and getting cash back from the hotel chain or airline that owns it.

For example, let's say you're going away on vacation and decide to rent an apartment through Airbnb. For this strategy to work, however, there are a few things that need to happen: firstly, you will need some sort of form of identification (passport or driver's license) so that hosts can verify who they're renting their property out too; secondly—and most importantly—you must be able-bodied enough to walk around comfortably because most rentals are within walking distance from public transportation hubs like subways stations and train stops.

Airbnb fees

Airbnb fees are the percentage of the host's revenue that Airbnb takes from the host. The more guests you have, the higher your earnings will be on Airbnb.

Airbnb fee rates vary depending on region and country:

  • Germany has some of the highest rates in Europe, with an average rate of 10% per booking. This is due to regulations regarding vacation rentals being less strict than those in other countries like France or Italy, where there is no such requirement for registration or licensing requirements as long as your property meets certain criteria (for example, only renting out apartments built under certain conditions).

Learn how to calculate your profits and losses as an Airbnb host

AirDNA's Airbnb calculator is designed to help you calculate your monthly profit and loss, along with the estimated value of your rental property.

To use the Airbnb calculator:

  • Enter the name of your property in the "Property Name" box.
  • Enter how many nights per week you will rent out this space (e.g., three nights/week). If you want a different number of days per month than what AirDNA has calculated, press "Calculate." The app will tell you how much money it thinks each night would bring in if rented out on those days at that price point (or vice versa).


We hope this article has provided insight into how much income you can expect to make on an Airbnb rental property. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time!

The Insider @ Houst

The Insider @ Houst

The Insider team provides up-to-date and relevant information on short-term rentals to help navigate the world of short lets. If you're interested in publishing your content, please get in touch with us at

The Insider @ Houst

The Insider @ Houst

The Insider team provides up-to-date and relevant information on short-term rentals to help navigate the world of short lets. If you're interested in publishing your content, please get in touch with us at

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