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What is Extranet? The Ultimate Guide

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Have you ever wondered what Extranet is? What does it do? What details should you add to your extranet account? Extranet is a resource for guests and travel agents, enabling them to add or change the details of package bookings from the comforts of their own homes.

The system is also used for troubleshooting. As such, you will need to provide detailed descriptions about the changes made or any problems encountered.

This article should clear up these burning questions and more.

Table of Contents

What is Extranet?

When you register your property and your account is approved by, you will receive an email with your login information from their team. This username and password will enable you access to the property owner dashboard on the site. 

The extranet is the dashboard that provides access to all the capabilities that property owners will need to maintain their listings on the website. Using this extranet site, a registered property owner, for example, will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Edit or update the facts and details about your property, such as your cancellation policy.
  • View upcoming reservations or modify the availability calendar. If you're linked to Hostaway, you can make adjustments from your Hostaway account and they'll sync to automatically.
  • Examine the rental rates for the available flats.
  • Payment information can be confirmed or changed.
  • Examine's tips and recommendations for increasing your property's performance on the Opportunities page.
  • Because access to this extranet is vital, store your login credentials in a handy and memorable location as soon as you obtain them.

Owner login for

When you're ready to log in to your account, there are a few fundamental procedures you'll need to take, which we'll go over here:

Step 1: Open your web browser and navigate to

Step 2: Enter your login and password when requested.

Step 3: On your first visit, you will be asked to select your favorite language. You can save your language preferences for future login attempts by doing so. 

Step 4: Your first login will also require you to verify your identity. You will be given a six-digit number through text message, phone call, or the Pulse app, which is meant to help you manage your listings. When you receive your code, enter it into the relevant form on the website.

How to get your password back?

That happens to even the best of us from time to time: we forget our passwords. The good news is that retrieving or resetting your password for extranet access to is a simple process. Simply select the "Having trouble signing in?" option on the login screen. You may then choose a new password by clicking "Lost your password?" and entering your login username.

It is also conceivable that you will be barred from accessing the extranet platform. After five unsuccessful login attempts, will restrict your access to ensure security. If this occurs, simply click the "Forget your password?" link once more, and you will be requested to enter your email address. You will be issued a link to reset your password once you have been authenticated.

How to remove a listing?

Your company is expanding, and you're ready to make some changes to your rental property, but how can you do so while keeping your listing? If you need to make your listing unreachable for any reason, you can do so by shutting it on your extranet dashboard's availability calendar.

If you have a vacant unit, simply go to that property, navigate to the "Rates & Availability" tab for that listing, and cancel the room for a certain date range. This will deactivate your listing by closing that apartment to rentals for that length of time. Return to the "Rates & Availability" menu and modify the availability when you're ready to reactivate your listing.

If there are rental bookings on this listing, you must go to the "Rates & Availability" tab and close the room for a date range commencing after the prior reservation. Note that you will not be able to deactivate a listing while it has a scheduled rental. But, if you have another property of equivalent quality/in a close region, you may be able to transfer it.

How to get Rid of Your listing?

To cancel or remove a listing on, send a message to over the extranet and request that it be deactivated. You should hear from us soon to complete the process.

When you eliminate units from the extranet's "Room Details/Property Layout" tab, you are merely deleting room types, not the full listing, which will continue to appear on

How to access the Extranet?

After successfully logging in, you will be directed to the Extranet homepage. To take a guided tour, click the "?" button in the top-right corner. You will be able to do the following on the Extranet:

Get information such as your property ID by clicking on the property symbol at the top of the page.

  • Edit your property page's availability and room kinds, add images, and request language revisions.
  • Find options to improve performance, such as the ability to set up specials and offer discounts to bookers.
  • When you log in to the Extranet from a new device, you will be requested to verify your information.

When requested to verify your information, you have the following options:

Telephone call: Choose this option to receive a call with a six-digit code.

Message sent through text: Choose this option to get a six-digit code through text message.

Code for pulse verification: Log in to the Pulse app and go to the "More" screen to get your PIN.

Enter your six-digit PIN or code. You can now access the Extranet once more.

Connecting to 


  1. Register with
  2. Create a profile on's extranet.
  3. will be linked to your system using ResRequest.
  4. Take care of the bookings when they come in!

Taking a closer look

Let's go over each of these processes in further detail.

Step 1: Create an account with

If you are not already a customer, you must first sign up. Contact on their website to join up.

Step 2: describes the automatic procedure of setting up your property.

Here are's sign-up instructions.

Step 1: Create an account on's extranet.

Then, on the extranet, create your profile.

Step 2: accepts photographs and descriptions.

See's online support site for assistance in setting up your property.

Alternatively, you can reach them using the extranet:

Step 3: Integrate ResRequest with

This is when we get into action. Email our support team as soon as your profile is up and running, requesting that we connect your ResRequest system to your profile.

We require a few details from you in order to establish the connection. To make things easier, please provide the following information in your initial email:

Inform us which Agent we should link to in ResRequest.

  • Check if you already have a agent. If you do not have an agent, we will create one for you as we prepare the connection.
  • Please advise us on the appropriate Commission for
  • ResRequest rates are configured as Rack / commissionable rates. Please let us know what commission to apply to your agent so that we can apply it.
  • Please advise on which Payment Plan should be linked to
  • Please let us know what Payment Plan bookings should be made with while using
  • Indicate which properties and room types you will be connecting.
  • Email us confirmation of the hotel and rooms you'll be adding to your account.
  • Indicate which ResRequest Prices should be linked to your Rates.
  • You would have set up pricing kinds when you set up your hotel on's extranet (back office). We need to know the rate categories you'll associate with your ResRequest rate, for example:

Step 4: Manage your online reservations.

Learn how to manage your bookings using the Requests Received function once your connection is activated. See our Manage Online Bookings module for more information.

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