How to choose the right Airbnb host management service for you

Short-term property rentals are an attractive and lucrative business. People from all around the world choose short-term rentals for their vacations and stayovers. Airbnb in particular has been a pioneer in the vacation rentals industry, allowing property owners the flexibility to rent out their properties to people from all walks of life at competitive prices for days, weeks or months at a time.

March 20, 2023

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Short-term property rentals are an attractive and lucrative business. People from all around the world choose short-term rentals for their vacations and stayovers. Airbnb in particular has been a pioneer in the vacation rentals industry, allowing property owners the flexibility to rent out their properties to people from all walks of life at competitive prices for days, weeks or months at a time.

But while the short-term rentals market is booming and potential earnings can roll in quickly, managing short-term rentals on Airbnb can be arduous and time-consuming. Fast and efficient turnovers, constant cleaning and maintenance and repairs are just some of the responsibilities that come with renting out vacation rental properties. That’s where Airbnb host management services come in.

From managing personalised guest communication to arranging regular cleaning and maintenance to keeping occupancy rates high and maximising profits, host managing services can provide short-term rentals management on all key fronts. In this article, we’ll delve into how to choose the right Airbnb host management service for you.

How does Airbnb host management work

Host management services, whether they be strictly for Airbnb or other hosting platforms or a combination of them, are becoming an increasingly sought-after resource for short-term rental property owners.

Airbnb host management services are run by teams whose knowledge and expertise in the vacation rentals market help property owners save time and energy. They take over the necessary jobs such as cleaning, communicating and welcoming guests. The good ones even help you rise in the ranks by earning you better ratings and reviews on the platforms you list on.

They take on the time-consuming work, so you don’t have to. They’re experts in the short-term rentals market whose job is to manage vital aspects of a successful short-term rentals business.

How can Airbnb host management help?

While Airbnb host management services take on the general day-to-day tasks, they can help in many more ways. Some host management companies make managing short-term rentals a fully-fledged service and provide a complete spectrum of management and optimisation for hosts to earn more.

Managing short-term vacation properties is more than just cleaning and maintenance. To run a successful short-term rental business, you need to be able to market effectively, always provide a great guest experience and provide 24-hour assistance.

Here’s how they can help:

Ultimately, they help you grow and scale your business. By taking over the daily, time-consuming jobs and using marketing techniques for higher listings and occupancy rates, they can help you earn more money and save more time, so you can focus on building your business.

Characteristics of a high-quality Airbnb host management service.

Not all host management services are created equal. There are a plethora of different management services that take on and focus on different aspects of hosting. And some offer more than others.

Since the industry is still new and continues to grow, host management service companies are cropping up everywhere, all the time. If you’re looking for a high-quality Airbnb host management service, you’ll need to know the key characteristics to look out for when deciding on the right one for you.

Here are five key characteristics to look out for when choosing:

1. Value for the price.

Host management companies have different pricing methods and offer different levels of value based on their prices. Once you know the precise services and features you want in your host management company, you can determine what companies are offering the best value prices.

A low price will often indicate that the host management service offers few signature services. If you want more than just cleaning and maintenance, expect to pay higher prices. While some host management service companies will charge premium prices, it’ll often be to your benefit.

Look for the extras they provide such as marketing, listing optimisation and professional photography. All these aspects may be worth paying the higher price because they help your business grow. While they cost more to use, the long-term gains will often be worth it.

2. Effective maintenance management.

As a property owner and host, having effective maintenance management in place is crucial. Repairs and general maintenance, responsive guest communication and carrying out essential jobs are part and parcel of running an efficient ship. Your guests expect it and you need it to run a successful business.

The best Airbnb host management services offer premium services and will usually use high-quality software for managing these various aspects. They’ll also have a professional team on the ready. Houst is one such host management company. 24/7 open and helpful communication, a team of professionals, not machines, on standby for emergencies and property listing enhancement for a more successful business are just a few of the services they provide.

3. Outgoings and income transparency.

Naturally, you’ll want complete transparency for how your money is being spent and how much you’re earning from your short-term vacation rentals. A hallmark of a great Airbnb host management service is complete outgoings and income transparency.

You should be able to see what percentage of your fees are being allocated to what services. You should also be able to see your earnings. The best host management services will include full reports on income and expenses.

4. Industry knowledge and marketing.

One of the main reasons many property owners who want to get into the short-term rentals market choose host management services is their industry knowledge. You’ll want to associate yourself with the most knowledgeable professionals you can afford. As the market is always shifting and important aspects such as local rules and regulations change, experts host management companies can keep you on top.

An essential part of growing and expanding your business and increasing your profits is marketing. Understanding the industry, knowing the trends and practical marketing techniques can increase your listing rankings, occupancy rates and long-term yields.

There are some great Airbnb host management services companies like Houst who know the ins and outs of the industry. By offering expertise and marketing services, they help hosts grow and scale their businesses at competitive rates.

5. Provides strategy and advice.

Another key characteristic of a great Airbnb host management service is they’ll provide you with sound strategies and advice. Any host management service can offer basic maintenance. But only true experts in the industry dedicated to providing a stellar service can provide strategies and advice for business growth.

They should be able to provide advice on relevant tax deductions. They should also be able to provide periodic inspections with relevant and prompt maintenance recommendations. And they should also be able to direct you to an attorney who can provide legal advice in case of a legal dispute.

All these aspects are incredibly important and worth probing and considering when choosing an Airbnb host management service.

Pros and cons of host management services.

There are some pros and cons to using an Airbnb host management service. It’s worth weighing them up before committing to paying professional services to manage your short-term rental properties.

The pros:

Saves you time and energy.

Unlike renting out traditional long-term properties, short-term rentals are a fast-paced business. There’s more to think about, keep on top of and do. Guests can stay as little as one night to several weeks or even months. This means the fast turnovers, regular cleaning and maintenance and all the other factors that go into renting out short-term vacation properties can eat up a lot of time. Host management services can save a tremendous amount of your time and energy you can use to build your business or focus on other areas.

Knowledge of trends and the market.

Professional Airbnb host management services such as Houst keep up-to-date with the latest trends and the market. They use their knowledge in these important areas to help their clients stay aligned with short-term rentals rules and regulations, maintain optimal pricing and keep on top of changes in the market. Their knowledge means they can continuously provide you with a clear income strategy and give sound advice.

Deal with guest and property issues.

No matter how passionate you may be as a host, you’re dealing with real people staying in your properties. Issues can arise, both with guests and on the property. And they can prove to be a real headache. Airbnb host management services and their property managers are trained to deal with any issues that may arise, so you don’t have to.

The cons:

Higher costs.

Host management services cost. And depending on who you choose to manage your short-term rentals, how many services they provide and what percentage they charge, you could be coughing up a large chunk of change. Some companies charge a percentage on services and some a flat fee. You’ll need to consider the services you want and whether it’s worth paying a percentage on them or whether you’d prefer a clean flat fee.

Bound by a contract.

Most host management services will require you to sign a contract. This means you’re bound by certain terms and conditions for a specific length of time. This limits your choices and reduces the amount of control you have over the way your properties are managed.

Lack of control with guest communication.

While letting an Airbnb host management company deal with the daily guest communications which can be tedious and time-consuming, you also don’t know the effectiveness of how well communications with guests are going. It may be that you want to carry a particular persona. Using host management services limits your ability to communicate with your guests.


Choosing the right Airbnb host management service requires some deep consideration, research and comparing companies and weighing up of pros and cons. But if you’re interested in saving time, staying on top of the latest market trends and receiving professional advice on how to build, grow and scale your short-term rentals business, then taking the time to pick the best one for your needs should prove a profitable component of your business investment.

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